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The worldwide pandemic has affected many industries across various regions. Both residential and commercial construction sectors have deteriorated. In this case, some of the projects started have faced many challenges. However, the economy has improved after the pandemic became manageable. Home construction projects have been rejuvenated, thus increasing the demand for heavy construction equipment.

The construction tools are required throughout the projects, and not every company owns them. This has led to increased demand for renting them, as shown by a survey done by Renting is a cheaper alternative compared to purchasing this Equipment. Moreover, they require them for a short time, which has promoted the popularity of the equipment rental companies.


Should you rent Equipment?

Most home construction companies rent the machinery since they do not own it. Most of these projects require many tools. A company could own some of them and lack others needed at a particular time. Most of the construction projects are long-term, and thus, rental Equipment could be costly. The company may decide to make a large order of Equipment and thus save the cost that could have been used to rent. Self-owned Equipment is better since the owners control maintenance.

Operating and Transportation cost for Equipment

The budget incurred in the project should be calculated before its initiation. This helps in the reduction of unplanned expenses. The transport and operating cost should be included. Some of the Equipment requires specialists to operate. Therefore, such Equipment needs an operator from the rental company who is also paid.

Equipment available for rent

Boom lifts

This is a vehicle whose role is to transport the tools and workers to the site of work that is high above the ground. There are various types depending on the role they are required for. One of them is the telescopic boom lift used for long distances since it has one long arm. They are efficient for any terrain and thus their preference. Articulating boom lift is the other type. It is also known as a Knuckle lift. Its arms are segmented, and it can fit through various obstacles at the worksite. The knuckle lifts can be used in crowded sections such as cities or near markets. Find out more about boom lift rental.


These are heavy machinery used in making trenches and at the foundation of the construction. They are powerful and highly efficient for various projects. These machines are available in the Equipment rental industries with all the requirements such as the bucket, dippers, and boom. Each of the various parts of the excavator is customized to the need. In this case, there are both small and large excavators available. Such machinery is crucial during the building of the foundation of large buildings.

Aerial and Scissor Lifts

These are special lifts that have some differences in their mode of performance. They carry the workers and their tools on high parts of the construction site. However, the scissor lift only moves vertically, while the aerial lift can move both vertically and horizontally. These lifts have a load limit and a maximum height at which they can move.


Most of these machines need trained persons to operate. You will need to consider getting the best operator to ensure good work is done in a safe manner. The Equipment also requires care since they are costly, and thus paying for damage could be expensive. Agreements are crucial between you and the rental company to avoid disputes.


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