Whether you are a professional builder or tradesman or a keen amateur undertaking some home improvement work, it pays to be safe. Working with hand tools, with machinery and working at heights or on building sites always carries a risk, so it is wise to take as many precautions as you can.

To make sure that you are properly kitted out to take on your home chores or other projects you need the right items of safety clothing and the right protective accessories. Here are a few essentials to consider investing in before you open up that toolbox.

Safety helmets

Of course your most vulnerable part is your head, so you must protect it when you are working in a dangerous situation. If you are working underneath scaffolding for instance, or working at heights, it is always advisable to wear a safety helmet.

Ear defenders

Your ears are also incredibly vulnerable so when working with loud machinery you should always wear ear defenders. You can choose from large ear muffs or smaller ear plugs which are much more compact.

Face masks

If you are working in a confined space or you are removing fibrous material such as insulation a face mask is a good idea. Inhaling certain materials can irritate the lungs and even cause illness.

Safety goggles

When using automatic tools it is a shrewd idea to pop on some safety goggles, to protect your eyes from splinters and small pieces of debris.

Work clothing

There is plenty of tough work wear available to protect you from dirt and to help keep you safe. Articles of clothing include overalls, boiler suits and coats which are also comfortable to work in.

Safety boots

When working with heavy materials and tools a good pair of safety boots could save you from painful injury. A pair with steel toe caps will prevent broken toes so is worth investing in.

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