Excavators for home construction


Many people are familiar with generic excavators such as standard, mini and knuckle booms, however, in the construction industry, there are many excavators that are unique and have a specific purpose. Knowledge of the range of variances between excavator types ensures the ability to choose the right type of excavator hire for the right kind of job.

To begin with, we will start off with what is commonly regarded as the spider excavator which is unique in a variety of ways. This particular excavator looks nothing like an ordinary excavator based on the fact that it has legs instead of tracks which enables the spider to be used just about anywhere and any kind of terrain. From deep ravines to steep terrain the spider is able to maneuver itself in terrains that are basically impossible for standard track excavators to reach.

Spider excavators, however, require operators who have proper special training and hence cost more in general. Similarly, the swamp excavator is also considered a unique piece of machinery for unique construction projects that are basically submerged underwater. These excavators are used for building bridges or erecting buildings in swampy areas and are the excavator of choice for dredging projects. The most unique factor about the swamp excavator is the fact that they are fitted with special tracks that enable these machines to practically float on water effortlessly.

Up next is an excavator that is often referred to as the zero swing excavators and as the name suggests this particular excavator has a limited swing capability or to be more precise, the arm is limited to movements within the track width of the excavator itself. This excavator is perfect for construction projects that have limited space such as trenches and digging ditches that are flanked by high dirt or concrete walls.

There are other types of excavators such as crawlers, draglines, and suction excavators. The basic function of excavators is to lift and move copious amounts of soil and excavators are the perfect vehicles/ machinery to do the job based on the fact that they have the three primary elements to do this job (bucket, arm, rotating cab, and tracks that give them mobility).

Having the right type of excavator is a critical success factor for any type of ‘earth moving’ function, and earth moving is a critical aspect of any construction project. However, towards consideration of which kind of excavator would require project managers to look and assess a number of factors, and these factors are mainly ‘space’, terrain and the scope of work that is involved.

Space places constraints on the size and mobility required of the type of excavator hire you require, whereas the terrain demands the right type of excavator mobility mechanisms. As for the scope of work, certain projects may require excavators to do more than just move earth and debris as they may be required to do demolition, drilling, suction etcetera and hence striking the right balance between these three factors is imperative to the success of projects.


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