Garage Door Problems


The primary purpose of garage door openers is to provide convenience and safety by automatically opening and closing your garage door. But what happens when they fail? You may be unable to open or close your garage properly. Your house will be open to burglars.  You will need a quick way to repair it.

Motor & Track Repair

When the garage door opener motor fails, your garage door cannot fully function. Your manual garage door operator comes with a variety of parts that you may need to replace periodically due to wear and tear. It is advisable that you consider buying an extra accessory like the loop cable in case time arises when you require it.

Remote Control Malfunction

One of the main advantages of having a garage door opener is that you are able to open and close your garage door from either inside or outside of your home using a remote. When you notice that your remote is not working, it may be time to replace the battery or buy entirely new locks.

Your wireless technology such as keyless entry locks and keypads may malfunction. These wireless devices allow you to open and close your garage door without the use of remote control or key. If any one of these malfunctions, you will need to get them repaired by an expert technician.

Wireless Keypads & Keyless Entry Locks

Having a garage door opener that works will save you the hassle of getting up and down to open and close your garage. This is because with a smart device that comes in the form of either a wireless keypad or keyless entry lock, you can do this from anywhere using your smartphone and all you need to do is go over to your location and type in the correct code.

This helps eliminate noise pollution as well by reducing how often you have to use your manual garage door operator.

Emergency Situations

Sensor Malfunction: The most important reason you would benefit from having a garage door opener is that it allows convenience during emergencies. Garage doors are massive objects which are not easy to open manually when they get stuck. There are numerous instances in which your garage door may not open and close in the usual way and this is where using a manual garage door operator becomes complicated and takes up too much time.

The opener comes with an additional safety feature known as sensors. These sensors detect when the garage door is stuck and sends a signal to the motor to either stop or reverse it to reduce any injuries that you could sustain if you were trying to open it manually.

Garage Door System Repair

The most important reason why you would benefit from having a garage door opener is that they provide full functionality of your entire garage door opener.

When your garage door and opener fails, you will need to get an expert garage technician to come and inspect it as well as providing a free estimate of the cost that you will have to incur for repairs.



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