The dream of every home owner is to have a leeway when it comes to conceptualizing and implementing home décor. If you have ever dreamt of owning a magnificent home, you most likely have its interior décor safely ensconced in your mind.

Catch-22 Situation in Lighting Décor Selection

Lighting is of course one of the crucial aspects of any spectacular décor, but there is a catch here. While splendid lighting can give you an impact close to that of a 5-star hotel lounge, the issue of cost and energy efficiency comes in. According to EPA, lighting accounts for 18-20% of your household’s electricity bills.

The Middle Ground in Home Lighting

This calls for a middle ground in order to get that splendor you want both in and out of the house. You might need an expert to get it right, but some ideas to capitalize on in the project include:

Invest in energy saving CFL bulbs: According to EPA, these lights use 75% less energy and even last longer than traditional bulbs. While many people will tell you about the low quality of light, what they don’t know is how sophisticated today’s CFL lights are. You will be wowed by the quality of light and cost efficiency in today’s models.

Go bold with design and styles: There is no dearth of home décor styles, colors and designs. Consider for instance a skylight in the kitchen area to get more natural light. If you are not this bold then invest in stylish energy savers because modern designs are refreshingly bolder than traditional lights.

Capitalize on dimmers: You might be surprised to learn that energy savers can also use dimmers. These dimmable lights will help you save money and thus enjoy your home without breaking bank.

Bank on information: If you are building or renovating in Texas, to get a better décor, try and evaluate your current electricity consumption by looking at Texas energy rates. Before fitting more lights, you can opt to switch to a provider who guarantees lower rates as this can enable you fit in some fancy lights.

Light friendly colors: While black might be your choice color for home décor, you should be flexible. You can get bold with colors like orange or pure white and this will make it easier to save energy by switching the lights off during the day.

Integrate other fittings into your décor: Curtains are always forgotten as a main focus in interior décor. In this case, make sure you have a design and color of curtains that will let light in while according you privacy.

Go for quality appliances: You should look for ENERGY STAR certified appliances, from bulbs, timers and any other appliances on your décor. These products are more efficient in terms of spreading light and come with incorporated timers for instance.

Once your mind is set on a particular form of décor, nothing should come in the way. By shopping wisely both for your electricity supplier and lighting products, you will have made a major step in giving your home an ethereal touch that will always dazzle visitors while offering you unrivaled comfort.

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