Our technology today, has been so far advanced that you can even download an app on your phone that will turn on your own coffee pot for you. As the years continue to pass into our future, there will be more and more advancing devices as researchers and scientist further our technology. It isn’t just advancing in our cell phones and computers, but there is also many items that are slowly making an appearance in our kitchens as well. There are many items that are being produced, or created, slowly as we begin to realize that there are many ways to add high-tech gadgets into our daily cooking in our kitchens.

There are several items that are slowly started to be released throughout these next few years and here are some examples of what they are, as well as, what kind of functions that they are able to do. Here are a few kitchen gadgets that are beginning to make their appearance:

Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan

If you are looking to get perfect timing and a proper temperature control, then the Pentelligent Smart Frying Pan is the gadget for your kitchen that you will want to have. This kitchen gadget allows for you to check the exact temperature that is inside of your steak, salmon, or whatever else it is that you are frying up in the pan. It also has the ability to let you when it is ready for you to eat it, and it does this without you having to stick a fork in it to check. The Pantelligent app, that is available in iPhone’s, monitors what you are cooking, and then lets you know when the food is completely done and ready for you to eat.

Palate Home Smart Grill

The Palate Home Smart Grill is not just your ordinary cooking grill. It was designed and create by Palate Home, and it has the ability to cook almost any food to perfection, and it is based on the weight of the food in which you are planning to cook. It is also able to cook it by composition, as well as, the exact way that you are desiring for it to be cooked completely. It is able to do all of these functions, through and iPad app.


If you are one of those individuals who is constantly looking to eat healthier, control your weight loss, and help you to monitor your eating habits, then the HAPIfork is the perfect kitchen device for you. It is specifically designed to tell you exactly how long it took you to eat your food, the space of time between each serving, and to tell you the amount of servings as well. All of this information is then uploaded to an app, through Bluetooth or a USB, to be able to show you exactly what you are doing.

In conclusion, as we take bigger and bigger steps into the future, our kitchen technology is going to keep on advancing. There are so many devices and gadgets in kitchens that have already took us to a high level in technology, therefore, it isn’t hard to see how much farther we can advance as the future unravels. It is a way to make our lives easier, happier, and to do it all with less stress.

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