So, you’ve found the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood. You’ve decorated and designed it according to your taste; you’ve checked all the home furniture stores and bought the furniture of your dreams. What you need to do now is plan the lighting of your home so that you can finally have the house of your dreams. You should know that you need to use not only different lighting designs according to each room of your house but also different bulbs in order to get that glamorous effect.

For the living rooms, try to use lights in three of the corners and focus one of them on an item you want to emphasize, in order to get a versatile and precious effect. Also, combine different types of lighting sources such as table lamps and floor lamps so that you can get a luxurious effect. When planning the interior lighting of your dining room, focus on the table and place the ceiling centerpiece lamp above it. You can also envelop the whole room in a delicate glow by using table lamps and wall sconces. For your kitchen, you should get a central pedant light and also some wall-mounted discreet lamps in order to illuminate the working surfaces.

The most important thing about your bedroom is intimacy; you can get that feeling of intimacy and isolation by using certain lights. For example, you can have table lamps by the bed, but be careful not to point them directly at it. You can also have an intimate elegant floor lamp and some sconces in order to have more degrees of intensity, depending on your preferences. Bathroom lights should also have different degrees of intensity so that you can have both powerful light whenever you want to clean your bathroom or you need to shave or apply make-up, as well as intimate light when you need to take a relaxing hot scented bath. Consider using sidelights by the mirror, ceiling lights in the middle of the room and sconces by the bathtub or by the shower. Follow your intuition and ask for the advice of an interior decorator or architect.

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