While it’s important to keep all areas of your home as well-maintained as possible, one space that people commonly forget about is their deck area. This is an area that should also be regularly maintained in order to help prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the materials that are used to keep it together, as well as to keep everyone who uses it comfortable.

Here are seven great tips to make note of that will help you to maintain your home’s deck area.

*Many exterior deck areas often have in-ground swimming pools somehow incorporated into the design, especially if the deck area is constructed entirely out of stone. In order to properly maintain this area and keep it clean, it’s important to use cleaning products that are recommended by the manufacturers rather than products that are more abrasive, such as tub and tile cleaners and vinegar. Additionally, a stone sealant will also help to preserve the natural color of the stone itself.

*If you have a deck that allows for more elevated viewing, you will want to invest in a more composite material rather than natural wood. While this is definitely the best choice to go with, you will also need to use a brightener recommended by your manufacturer to help enhance the deck’s overall appearance, as well as clean it regularly with a simple soap and water mixture, as this will help to reduce both the buckling of the material and a buildup of mildew. Additionally, using a brightener will prevent the composite material from fading thanks to weather conditions.

*Pressure-treated pine decks, also commonly referred to as PTP decks, are great choices due to the fact that they provide a lifetime warranty against damage thanks to issues such as termites and wood rotting. On the other hand, these decks can also be subject to issues such as cupping and cracking, which typically occurs in hot weather. To help keep this kind of deck maintained against these types of issues, simply use a water hose and hose it down occasionally, which will help to reduce its overall exposure to heat.

*Sedona Azek Decks are another popular choice among homeowners who enjoy entertaining guests or simply having a meal outdoors occasionally. This type of deck can be best maintained by using only maintenance and cleaning products that are recommended by the deck company’s manufacturer. Furthermore, avoid using any products that are made out of vinyl or rubber, as this will risk the deck becoming discolored.

*Trex decks are another common, yet simple, design that allows homeowners to enjoy both gardening and entertaining others. Maintaining this type of deck is rather simple, as all you need to do is use a composite deck cleaner on a semi-annual basis.

*If you prefer a more open design for your deck and prefer to build it yourself, opt for wood that has been pressure-treated; however, pay attention to the condition that the wood is in when you first purchase it. If it’s wet, you can install them close together, which will result in the gaps not being too wide when shrinkage occurs naturally. On the other hand, if the wood is dry, leave room between the boards to allow them to expand naturally as time goes on.

*Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC for short, is a very popular material that is used in the construction of many decks. While it looks exactly like natural wood, it is actually resistant to many of the things that natural wood wouldn’t otherwise be resistant to, such as oxidation and rotting. Furthermore, PVC is a material that doesn’t require work such as stripping, sanding, and staining, and the only way you really have to maintain it is a regular cleaning with soap and water.

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