Green Landscaping in HoustonIf you’re thinking of landscaping, don’t get scared. You might have a landscape that you would be proud of right in your backyard! It is a lot easier landscaping in ideas if you can break down your ideas bit by bit. So, don’t look first at how you want the entire landscape to be; instead look at the parts that need to be there to make that landscape.

1. Planting the same plants

Sometimes, all that you need to do is to plant the same plants and trees in large swathes. Planting the same plants can help beautify things.

2. Use Repetition

Remember, it is a good idea to repeat the same shapes and colors at times, especially when you’re trying landscaping.

3. Have plants that serve dual purpose

If you’ve limited space, why not make the most of it? For instance, planting apple trees will help you get apples all through summer and also protect your backyard from the piercing eyes of your neighbor.

4. Create the right contrasts

The other important thing to do is to create the right contrasts in the landscape. Think of the plants that you’re planning to have and see how the color combination goes.

5. Dividing spaces

The other important thing to do is to design your landscape well. Think of the various designs that you can have, and focus on dividing spaces easily.

Other important Tips

Don’t cut too much of that grass

buffalo grass houston txWhile it may appear to be an ideal choice to trim down the grass to its lowest possible height, it isn’t always the best idea. Even though the very short grass looks neat and tidy, for lawns measuring into larger areas, this can become difficult to manage. Lawns with very short grass are susceptible to develop open patches which can cause depreciation in the value of the soil. This also leaves your lawn open to insects, drought and other hazards which can damage your lawn over a period of time.

Pay attention to the weather

The weather is of great importance while mowing your lawn. You should take into account the periods of long hot summer when the grass will not be getting enough water naturally (or will be dehydrating quickly). Similarly, you will have to take into consideration periods of rainfall when the lawn will receive more water than it requires. These factors are important because they help you determine how much of the lawn to cut and how much to let be.

Keep the lawn free of insects and diseases

In order to maintain the health of your lawn and also the persons entering it, you must keep it safe. This involves periodic but infrequent use of insecticides and pesticides. You also need to maintain a minimum length of the grass in order to avoid easy infestation. It isn’t a common site to see lawns being invaded by creatures which find a natural habitat in them. In such a scenario, it is pertinent to take all the possible measures to keep them out.

Let the roots go deeper

A lawn with the grass or plants not having deep roots is susceptible to erosion. Keeping this in mind, it is important to let the grass or other plants of your lawn form deep roots. This can be done by not cutting the grass or the plants too short. It is also important to water the lawn properly. Generous watering at infrequent periods is best recommended for the lawns. You must also make sure that the water reaches the roots of the grass or plants of the lawn.

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