Many people dream of having their own house one day so they can go wild and paint their own house with which ever colors they choose. Painting your house does not only give it that immediate makeover look but it also increases the value of it. Although most people would love to paint their own house it’s probably better to get a professional painting contractor to do it. Not only will they have the experience and expertise to know which color will go well with your home, they will also increase the value of your house.

When it comes to painting the interior of your house like your kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms etc the color of the paint plays an important role and can transform the room completely. Light color paints will make a room look bigger where dark color paints will make it look smaller. If you want your walls to look higher in your bathroom, paint stripes vertically from the ceiling down to the floor. Same concept applies to the width of a room. If you want the room to look wider paint the stripes horizontally.

Professional painters work with top quality paint brushes and other tools to deliver the best results. The saying “a painter is only as good as the tool he uses” is very true. If a painter has paint brushes that are worn with tips bending over the quality of his workmanship will decrease dramatically. The best thing to do before hiring a painting contractor would most probably be to look in his toolbox first. I guess the state of a contractor toolbox will say allot about him.

Although painting your own house can save you quite a bit of money the changes are it’s not going to save you time. You will have to find time on weekends to finish your projects and if your wife is anything like mine that would mean the dog box for you. Plus you would need to buy tools to do the job and they won’t be as professional as the pro’s that you would hire.

Painters will also help you save money as they get the best paint for much cheaper than the average homeowner would. This is because they are regular customers at the paint warehouses they support so it’s in the suppliers best interest to keep them happy and coming back.

If you had to weigh up the time you save, the effort you save as well as the money you save it far outweighs you wanting to do it yourself.


Guest Author: Julian Venter and he specializes in painitng. Visit my website Painters Cape Town that is based in Cape Town (South Africa)

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