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Your home is your sanctum. It is a palace of peace where you and your family can spend time together without the fears and threats of the outside world. However, just how safe is your home? Are well protected from burglars and thieves? Is your house a harder target to hit?

With plenty of help now being available for the home-owner to improve the security of the house, it is now relatively simple to know the basic tips towards better security. However, there are quite a few additional steps that you can take in order to make your home as safe as possible.

Not literally, but do not go around telling everyone who comes along your way about your plans for your weekend getaway or the snazzy new location your next business trip is going to be held in. You can tell them when you get back. Before that, tell only your family and ask them not to tell anyone as well.

This means that you do not tell your hair-dresser, your grocery store attendant, or the woman at the laundry about your plans.

Burglars like to keep informants and the best informants are those who receive information involuntarily. So keep your plans to yourself.

  • Putting Up Signs

It is common practice to place signs, stickers, or warning which proclaim the fact that the house is monitored by a sophisticated security system. If you drive around, you’re bound to find plenty of homes with front yards adorned by professional and efficient looking signs. These are great detractors that work well to put off the wandering thief.

However, it is equally important to ensure that you stick these stickers and signs at the rear of the house as well. Most burglars do not enter or break in through the front, they prefer rear doors and windows. Put up signs in your backyard. Keep signs around French doors and sliding doors that are easy to break into.

  • Daylight is Your Friend, Right?

Daylight gives us all a sense of security. We can see everything around us and the knowledge of knowing whatever is around us makes us feel safe. After all, if some shady looking person comes around your home, you can spot him during the day and lock all your doors and windows.

However, thieves have realized that most people beef up their security systems at night and relax during the day. If you work during the day and your wife stays at home, you may well believe that since the house is occupied, there is little threat of a break-in. However, your wife will occasionally go to the grocery store, she will do a few errands and drop and pick up the kids from school. At all these moments, your house remains unoccupied, and a tenacious and observant thief and take advantage of it. Make sure your alarms systems are functioning at all hours of the day, even if all members of the household are in the house.

  • Get a Dog

 Unless you have some serious pet allergies, consider getting a dog. Thieves have admitted that the bark of a dog is usually the scariest thing that can happen as it can wake up an entire neighborhood. Dogs can smell intruders which means they do not have to in their visual range to spot them. You do not have to buy a large German Shepherd or Doberman to keep guard, a small Chihuahua with a decent enough bark can provide the same security.

If you are home, then your dog’s persistent barking can alert you of any danger and you aren’t home, the dog can draw attention to the house. This can send a thief who has managed to get inside the house scurrying away due to the fear of being discovered.

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