Local security companies are more likely to help you acquire the things you need.

Most home security companies charge huge fees for the security system, the installation, and the monitoring service. But it’s possible to do it yourself and on your budget. There are many advanced security systems on the market today that a do-it-yourself homeowner can install on their own and watch remotely. Many of these security systems need nothing more than some basic technical knowledge and a screwdriver.

Price Ranges
There are a few different options, ranging from cheap to moderately expensive, that you can explore when you’re looking at your alarm systems. The most basic of systems are the burglar alarms, which can be purchased very cheaply. These either work by contact, such as detecting when doors and windows are opened, or sense motion. When they are engaged, they set off a loud alarm that will scare off most intruders. These basic alarms are very inexpensive and easy to install. They can also be purchased online at cheaper costs than in retail stores.

Wireless Systems
More advanced than this are wireless security systems that can be installed in every room of your home and networked. These security systems can detect the opening of any entryways and entryways, but also have the added benefit of remote access. This means that if movement is detected they won’t just set off an alarm, but they can also call you or text you to let you know that your home has been breached. You can then alert the authorities. This type of monitoring is invaluable because it mimics traditional home security monitoring services at no cost to yourself.

These home security systems can be incredibly advanced, and some of them will even allow you to check and set your alarm system from your mobile phone in the event that you forgot to engage it when you left. The actual components of these systems can monitor things such as carbon monoxide levels too, and set an alarm if they detect flood or fire. All of these are features that traditional home security companies offer, but that can be purchased at a lower cost directly by the consumer.

Other Savings
By installing your own system, you will also save on routine maintenance fees, such as battery replacements and malfunctioning equipment. All of these items are usually charged hourly by the monitoring company and the rates can get quite high. Of course, you should always check with your insurance company about which types of home security systems are acceptable under your coverage.

Installing a home security system usually takes no more than a day, and gives your home and your family a sense of safety and comfort. Since most monitoring companies will call you before they will call the authorities, you lose very little by monitoring your alarm system yourself and you avoid paying high monthly fees and high installation costs. The security systems available today are very advanced and far removed from the old-fashioned burglar alarms of yesterday, but burglar alarms themselves are still often enough to provide a good deterrent to potential criminals.


Dylan Johnson is a writer for Home Security OK. Thier store has it’s own showroom where consumers can come in and try the systems out themselves before they commit to buying.

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