Cladding is a crucial element of every home and commercial building, as it protects the interior of a structure from the elements. When cladding experiences damage, or wears down over time, the inside of a house can become compromised.

Homeowners who have been living in the same house for many years may be noticing issues with their cladding. Rather than allowing such issues to get out of hand and become major problems in the long-run, recladding is the best course of action.

House Recladding Explained

The best way to maintain protection for the interior of a house is by having the cladding redone by professional builders. The process of house recladding is not too complex and does not require more than a few days to complete when you hire the best help in the area.

There are several reasons why your home may need recladding. Perhaps you are not in compliance with current regulations in your area. There may have been changes to the law pertaining to cladding materials, or how often they need replacing. You may even have an issue with your cladding, such as serious damage to part of the exterior of your home.

Create a Project Scope

The first step of any recladding project is to connect with some skilled builders and create a project scope. Experts can assess the current state of your cladding, talk with you about how you want your home to appear, and then come up with a plan.

Recladding does not have to mean replacing the existing cladding with the same material. Perhaps you want a color or style change, or you want an entirely new type of cladding installed for aesthetic or longevity purposes.

The best recladding professionals take a few days to come up with a design for your home. They show you images of how the house will appear after they are finished, and then you can accept the design that you find the most appealing. Professionals also ensure the recladding work will be within your budget.

Homeowners who are unsure about the material to use for recladding have several options. Stone is still very popular, especially if you have a larger home on a spacious property. Timber is another solid option. You may even want to go with brick, which is one of the most reliable materials for protecting your home.

Building Time

There are two significant steps to every recladding project. The first involves removing your existing cladding and checking for any damage to your home’s interior. If there are no issues present, the team can begin with the installation of the new cladding.

By the time they are done, you will have a home that looks brand new. One of the significant advantages of recladding is that it can make your home look like it got a total remodel. Even if you change nothing else about your house, the new cladding will make the space feel fresh, modern, and appealing.


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