We all know that it can get crazy expensive if you take the family out for the day. There is the travel, the meals, the snacks and then, of course, the whole question of what you do when you are out. Houston is a great city and is popular with tourists. Lots of people have also moved to the area, attracted by the jobs, prosperity, and things to do. However, even if you live in a place you are still going to want to explore and it is nice to take the family out for the day. However, you don’t want it to get too expensive. Fortunately, there are many things to do that only cost a few dollars or are even completely free. This short article will suggest some things that you could do in Houston for very little outlay at all.

1. Head to Market Square Park – there are generally always free movie showings or a host of other events going on. A great place to pull up a deck chair and relax in front of a movie with the whole family. It’s certainly different to lying on the couch at home in front of the TV!

2. Visit the Art Car Museum – you won’t ever have seen anything quite like this and we are sure the whole family will love it as well. Nowehere else can you see such amazing sculptures made out of cars. It will blow your imagination!

3. Visit Houston Arboretum and Nature Centre – there are more than five miles of paths to explore and the children can run free in this fantastic open parkland space. Even better, it is free of charge to enter. You can learn about Houston’s natural history and even walk the dog (as long as it is on a lead).

4. Head on a free boat tour – you will need to book ahead as this can get popular (no doubt) but this 90 minute boat tour around the port is well worth going on. Find out more about Houston’s seaport history and look out at the massive ocean liners.

5. Visit the Urban Harvest Farmers Market – there are lots of free samples to try at this wonderful farmers’ market which takes place every Saturday. You will probably end up buying some food but at least you are supporting local producers and will get a great product!

6. Head under the Waugh Drive Bridge – from here you can watch over 250,000 bats emerge at night. This is a Houston spectacle that you simply must witness, and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

7. Visit the Heritage Society Museum – there are lots of interactive exhibits at this outdoor museum. It is free of charge of enter but if you want a guided tour it will cost you $1 per person. Kids love this place.

So, there you have it, seven things to consider if you want to head to Houston on a budget. There are of course lots of other things to check out for free, and we suggest you do some research, but hopefully this will give you some ideas.


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