microtunnelingIf you are looking for the construction of small-sized tunnels, micro tunneling is an effective trenchless technique. No matter in which sensitive area you need to lay the pipelines, this method is useful to provide you the surface with near to no disruption. Because the method provides level installations and precise lines in any ground condition, the traffic finds no hindrance in their way on the ground.

The method is good not only for construction beneath railroads, and highways but also in sewerage and power supply networks. If the method is very beneficial, at the same time, it is complex unless not handled by experts. It not only needs labor but also micro tunneling contractors who use their experience, strategies, and ideas and make the planning, processing, and construction easy.

How do contractors make planning and perform processes for micro tunneling?

The planning phase includes working on geotechnical data and testing basic materials like soil and rocks. Thereby, according to the data collection, you get the MTBM system ready and a quick selection of slurry separation equipment.

When it comes to processes, they determine the pipeline position and grade for which they also assess the capabilities of the micro tunneling equipment. Not only do they analyze past projects in that area but also identify any hurdles along the tunnel route. Then, they perform data collection such as several borings, bidding, lab tests, tests pits, labor required, and more. Their laboratory testing is always reliable and useful to ascertain different figures like several hydro cyclones and screen sizes.

Microtunneling construction

The way contractors perform the planning process, the construction procedure becomes simple, productive, and of minimum risk. The experts advise dividing the process into the below steps:

  1. Excavating the reception shafts and launching on two contrary points of the tunneling drive.
  2. Employing hydraulic jacks, which would push the MTBM into the ground.
  3. Transporting excavated spoils to the earth through pipes with slurry water
  4. Retracting the jacks and disconnecting control cables and the lines
  5. Lowering the pipe into the shaft and inserting it in the center of the micro tunnel boring machine and jacking frame
  6. Reconnecting the cables
  7. Continuing the process till the time MTBM is advanced to the reception shaft
  8. Bringing back the micro tunnel boring machine and trailing equipment.

Thus, the planning in advance and assistance of the best contractor save costs and turn complex processes into a strategic workflow. We, at Huxted Tunneling, have the best team of micro tunneling contractors who possess decades of experience and reputation in establishing the best structure. We do our best to outperform at each step for the unlimited convenience of our clients, as excellence is our all-time priority. Moreover, when it comes to safety in this construction task, we devote our utmost attention and embrace all the legal programs for successful project completion. Each team member is core dedicated to wearing your shoes and performing before you think. 



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