Adding a cushion of different shapes, color and size is a little way to decorate and express love for your patio. It is inarguable that the patio is one of the most important living spaces in your house, as it is the spot where you entertain your visitors when the weather is nice outside. If your patio lacks that dazzling feel, then a cushion arrangement can help lighten up the flame. The approach you use to arrange cushions on the patio sofa demonstrates your personality and taste. We’ve prepared 6 cushion styling ideas that will transform the look of your sofa and the overall appeal. Are you ready? So, let’s explore.

 #1 Trio cushion arrangement

This arrangement suggests that six cushions are placed with three on each side on a sofa. It simply means that three cushions would form one set, and they can be different colors, the colors must match each other. If you have an iota of art in you, you would love to play around with cushions that have attractive colors. The appearance of a sofa with trio cushions well-arranged is timeless and exquisite. 

 #2 Multiple shapes arrangement

When it comes to arranging cushions this way, many people have a conflicting opinion. The truth is, doing things the uncommon way wins at all times. Therefore, when people refuse to incorporate the multiple shapes arrangement, you can always be different and try it. The multiple shape cushion arrangement gives your sofa a unique décor. The best part of this arrangement is that your artistic skill comes to play, so, you will use multiple shapes of cushion whether round, cylindrical, rectangular, etc. If this is done creatively, then you will sense an undiluted fuse.

 #3 Centre position arrangement

This looks like the common cushion arrangement homeowners use. The center position cushion arrangement is suitable for small sofas, as it makes the sofa appear organized with a light arrangement pattern. This arrangement is usually made with three cushions or when they are available in even numbers, they are placed straight in a row from beginning to end. You can also arrange the sofa colorful by utilizing different colors.

 #4 Alternative pattern arrangement

The most important thing you need to pay attention to is the fabric material the cushion is made from. The alternative pattern cushion arrangement entails that homeowners should place cushions whose fabric is complementary. For example; you will place one plain cushion and one patterned cushion. Ensure to do the placement side by side. To ensure you achieve desired results after this arrangement, restrict the number of cushions to three or four. If you use three, you can place two pattern cushions, one by the left and the other by the right side. Then you position the plain fabric cushion in the middle. 

sofa cushions

                               Image via: 1825 Interiors


#5 Eclectic arrangement

In this mode of arrangement, there isn’t any rule to play by. As a homeowner, you have the chance to select several colors and fabric patterns of cushions. However, when you are adopting the eclectic cushion arrangement for your sofa, don’t forget to make everything optically balance. Remember, it is an eclectic arrangement, hence, you have the right to select what’s best based on your preference.

 #6 Individual arrangement 

This type of cushion arrangement and styling is ideal for workplaces. It is capable of displaying a formal and professional look. Therefore, if you are seeking a cushion arrangement for your business space, the individual arrangement is what you should consider. One cushion pattern and the same color regardless of their numbers. 

Spice up your living space by specifically using beautiful cushions on your sofa today!



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