There are many individuals in Houston who live in areas that often have a lot of high wind activity. This can become a frustration, especially when you are wanting to put up a porch or patio that you know will stay secure, even through the damaging winds. These places have hurricanes, which means that the individuals who are residing in the area, will have to make sure that their homes, and other structures such as that, are secure and ready to face the extremely strong winds. Therefore, a patio structure in these areas can withstand the winds of the region, as long as they are built properly and securely. Adding extensive reinforcement to the frame of it will help it to be able to stand against the winds. There are a few different things to make sure that you do, so that your patio will stand securely.

One of the things that you will need to be sure and do to add reinforcement is to use custom steel column posts that were fabricated right on the job site, and then make sure to bold them to the concrete slab and the support beams. This will allow for an added security to support it. Then you can take hurricane straps, with the metal saddle hangers, and attach them to the ceiling joists and the rafters and then to the support beams. Preventing any racking from occurring, you can take 1/2″ plywood to cover the entire ceiling. There are many individuals who will install a wind break wall to be able to shield their patio, or porch, against any of the harshest winds and weather. If you make sure to take the proper precautions, follow these instructions, then you will be able to a safe and secure patio structure that will be able to withstand even the strongest of winds, even in a hurricane. Taking the time to properly follow the instructions to install a wind resistant porch will help you to be able to keep your beautiful patio from developing any damage that can occur during high winds.

In conclusion, if you make sure to use custom steel column posts and secure them properly to concrete slabs and support beams, and then attach the hurricane straps and metal saddle hangers to the ceiling joist and rafters, then you will be able to properly secure your patio. Everyone wants to make sure that, any type of building structure that they are having installed, is secured in place and is safe from any type of weather that it may need to stand against. The individuals who live in high wind regions, must make sure that their patio is secure so that their patio doesn’t suffer any damage that they will have to spend tons of money to replace. High winds can become a hassle for any area that has to suffer through them, however, if people build their patio’s with the proper care, secure it safely, and make sure to add the greatest amount of support that they can, then they will be sure to have a safe and secure patio that they can enjoy.

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