Electric gate


If you’ve secured your property perfectly, the only way to get to it is through a gate. One way of enhancing the efficiency of the gate is by installing an electric gate opener on it. It will automate the gate, making it easy to exit and enter your property. No one will be required to physically open or close it.

Some gates can be programmed to open and close in specific conditions. They are great because they will help you secure your property very conveniently. There are different types of gate openers. They include the following;

Buried Sensor Electronic gate openers

Just like the name suggests, the gates are controlled by a sensor that is buried underground. The moment a vehicle drives over the sensor, there is a magnetic trigger that gets initiated and opens and closes the gate. These types of electronic gate openers are very effective.

Cord or Fob Automatic Gate openers

For these types of electric gates, users are allocated cards that have some electric codes on them. They will swipe these cards across the sensor to open the gate. The cards are kind of electric keys that activates the gate opener enabling you to get into the property.

Phone-based electronic gate openers

Many gates have been installed with these types of automatic gate openers. You can conveniently open and close the gate by commanding it with your cell phone. Everyone who uses the gate to access the property is given their access code. In case such an individual wants to enter, they key in the code given to them on the phone’s calculator, and the gate opens. It is an automatic system that allows the property manager to monitor those entering and leaving the property and at what time.

When choosing a gate opener, you need to consider how much you will use the gate every day. Knowing how often the gate will be used is critical as it helps one find a gate kit that suits your needs in the best way possible. The gate should work efficiently as much as it is required in a day. The opening and closing of an automatic gate are referred to as a duty cycle. Depending on the duty cycles required per day, one will be able to choose the electric gate kit that suits it best. They include;

Residential electric gate kits. This kit will handle the duty cycles of a normal family efficiently.

Multi-residential properties & offices. This is ideal for homes that share the same driveways or an apartment building. This one can handle more duty cycles than the residential electric kits.

Light commercial. This one is ideal for gates that are used continuously throughout the day in a fairly intensive way.

Commercial: These kits are ideal for gates that serve commercial premises that are continuously busy. The gates are wide since large motor vehicles need to access these areas.

Regardless of the type of gate opener you choose to install, they will all make it easy to access, exit, and monitor your premises. These electric gate systems can be installed on both slide and swing gates. Both of these gates will require similar types of kits and the same types of motors.


Choosing the right electric gate system is not that complicated. You need to take into account the factors discussed in this article and you will make the right choice.



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