Garage Door


A garage is where you store your possessions like your car, motorbike, and tools for your work. It is essential to rest assured that no matter the situation, your goods are safe and protected whether you are away on holiday or simply asleep in bed. It is crucial to take your garage door security issues seriously. Be conversant with the best methods for securing a garage door from burglary.

Here are the simple ways to help protect your garage door:

Install Security Cameras

The presence of security cameras in your garage will be a huge deterrent to burglars who know that cameras are recording their clothing, facial features, and other attributes.

Installing a motion-activated camera will help record everything that happens within your garage, even when someone approaches on foot, even at night. All the videos are then stored on your SD card. If you have your camera synced with your Smartphone, you can check on the status of your garage door.

Install a Security Timer

With this security feature, your garage door will always remain secure and closed. A door timer automatically closes your garage door anytime it is left open for a particular period.

A security timer largely increases the security of your garage. Even if you forgot to lock your garage door, you do not need to worry about your home been exposed and opened all day long!

Always Carry Your Garage Door Remote with You

With the advancing technological levels, such as the rolling code technology, your home is not vulnerable to hacked or universal remotes, even if your garage door remote is stolen.

Leaving your door remote in your car is inconvenient. Always carry it with you anytime you go to your store or home!

Considering Installing a Door Lock

If your garage has a door that opens manually via a handle, you should consider installing a locking handle. One of the best options is the Ideal Security Keyed Garage Door Lock. It requires you to get in your physical key. With such a kind of lock, you can deter burglars.

Install Motion Detector Floodlights

Thieves operate under cover of darkness, so a sudden burst of light will be enough to deter them. Which are the easiest type of motion detectors do you have to install? Solar-powered floodlights are the easiest type to install because they need no electrical wiring.

Regularly Maintain Your Garage Door

It is easier to breach a poorly maintained door than it could be for a highly maintained door. Regular maintenance allows you to apply the latest garage door security features, thus safer your door.

Besides, regularly maintaining your garage door is a great way to extend the life of that particular garage door.

Always Be Mindful Of Garage Windows

Windows included in your garage door may give burglars a glimpse into what you have stored in your garage. However, it should not worry you. Just add treatment to make them opaque.

If you have exterior windows, you can consider adding blinds that can be easily opened whenever you want to work in the garage. When done, you need to close them to hide your belongings from prying eyes.

Add Garage Door Defenders

Door defenders are security devices that help send a message to a burglar that you take the security of your property seriously.

The device features a base plate and a bar that ensures your garage door can’t be opened beyond the bar.

Install Locking Garage Door Bolts

To install locking garage door bolts, you need to drill either side of your garage door to secure it into the floor.

The bolts are well-matched with most types of garage doors.

Invest In a Top Quality Garage Door

It is supreme to invest in a top-quality garage door made with top-quality materials. It will be hard to break in through such a door compared to a door made out of low-grade aluminum.

In addition, a top-quality garage door will be an investment at it extends far beyond security and adding value. It will last longer and will require fewer repairs.




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