Remodeling your kitchen involves a great deal of planning, decision-making, and effort. It is a project that needs to be well-thought-out in order to avoid problems. In the end, a custom kitchen remodel is worth it though as it improves the look of your living space and adds value to the home. As with any home improvement project, there are challenges to remodeling the kitchen, but there are a few things to keep in mind to minimize any problems.

Many people are spending less time at the kitchen table and more time at quick, convenient, eating nooks and countertop bars. The modern family cannot go without a TV mounted in their kitchen space, making the need for one even more desired than ever.  For larger kitchens and more open spaces, kitchen islands are also a preferred structure.

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The more advanced kitchen islands will be equipped with a sink, cupboards, and enough countertop surface to prep food on. The countertop surface of the kitchen island should match that of the main surfaces, so if Granite is the preferred material for the primary countertops then the kitchen island would also feature granite surfaces.

Kitchen cabinets are extremely important for efficiency, many modern cabinets offer rotating shelving (lazy Susan) for convenient access to pans and dishes. In recent years matte finish cabinets become really popular. Remodeling your kitchen comes with a lot of decisions, and finding a contractor to do the job for you will be important. 

Important Kitchen Remodeling Tips

  • Be prepared: Be sure to do your research and plan the remodeling. Discuss design with contractors and think about the colors and materials you want to use. Consider the layout and where appliances will go as well as the functionality you want to achieve.
  • Take Your Time: Patience will be your best friend when it comes to remodeling the kitchen. This sort of project is a financial investment that can bring you great value and return if done properly. If you rush and something is not done right or you change your mind, every change will cost additional time and money. If you plan ahead and visualize what you want first, you can organize the project better, research what is needed, and stay within budget.
  • Avoid the Glitz and Glamor: There are so many high-tech gadgets and accessories out there for kitchens. Too many of these can distract from what the kitchen is there for. Think about what your kitchen is used for, and who will be in there. Is it for preparing food only or will you have gatherings in there? If there is to be heavy traffic, then you want a kitchen that is easy to move around in and can withstand wear and tear.
  • Don’t Forget the House: When it comes to designing a new kitchen, keep the style of the house in mind. You cannot remodel la ranch-style kitchen in a ranch0style home into a more contemporary style. The kitchen needs to fit within the theme of the house or it will detract from the overall value rather than add to it. Choose a style that matches the architectural style of the home.
  • Plumbing is important: Make sure you remember to budget for faucets and sink fixtures as these are commonly forgotten. It is also important to keep current plumbing where it is and design the kitchen layout accordingly. Moving water and gas lines to accommodate your new design can cause problems and damage especially in older homes.
  • Match Appliances: When it comes to buying new appliances, do not mix and match. Stick with one brand and color. Many appliance manufacturers offer sets now so you can get a bundle deal for all the new appliances you need and they will match. There are also great deals on bundles appliances that can give you a designer look at a more affordable price.

Final thoughts

Kitchen remodeling is exciting but it also takes a lot of preparation and planning. This is not a project you want to rush into. Plan ahead for the kitchen of your dreams and keep these tips in mind. Call us for any construction and installation or design information and we can help you get the kitchen you want without taking away from the value your home deserves.


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