(Texas Patio Builder) Increase Curb Appeal with a New Front Entrance

If you get bored looking at the front of your house, then chances are people driving by won’t give it much attention either. The good news is that there are so many ways to give your front entrance a makeover without breaking the bank. Create a house that welcomes you home every day, is inviting to the neighbors, and catches the eyes of anyone looking to buy a home by giving the front entrance new life and ultimate curb appeal.

Increase Curb Appeal with a New Front Entrance

  • Accessorize: The perfect outfit is never complete without accessories, and your house is no different. Small, yet effective DIY techniques can accessorize even the barest looking house making it the talk of the neighborhood. A bare garden can get new life with some bright flowers or if your garden lacks grass, hang some flowers around the outside of the house. Add an inviting new welcome mat and change the color of your mailbox, making sure to capture the personality of your family, thus giving your house some character too.
  • Add lighting: Lighting is the easiest and most efficient way to go from dull to bright. Adding lighting to the walkway brightens the yard and invites you to the home. Add some decorative light fixtures that match the color and style of the house to give a new glow to your home and create a more welcoming appearance.
  • Focus on the front door: One of the first things to catch a passerby’s attention is the front door. Nobody wants to stop by the house that has a broken, dingy, scary door unless it is Halloween. Simple changes to the front door can be all you need to breathe new life into the entrance of your home. A new coat of paint or even switching to brighter colors such as yellow or white will make the door brighter and friendlier.
  • Add a porch: If you do not already have a porch, then it is the best option for sprucing up your home’s entrance. Not only do you get a space where you can sit and relax on the weekends or after a hard day’s work, but the house gets a very inviting addition. You also have a great place to sit and watch the kids as they play out front. On top of this, a porch will add to the value of your home, should you decide to sell.


Adding a porch is the most expensive upgrade for your front entrance, but it will definitely be worth your time and the investment.
Regardless of whether your house needs a new porch or some new paint and accessories, we have the advice, resources, and tools to make your renovation project a success. Create the inviting and warm feel a home should have and give the front entrance new life with any of these handy tips and contact us for any questions. We have all you need to get the home you want.

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