Nothing makes a home more enjoyable than a beautiful and relaxing backyard. A pergola or a gazebo makes the perfect addition to your yard and will help increase the property value. So long as you have the space to do it, building a gazebo or pergola will add to your relaxing space and add to the ambiance and appeal of your home.

Increase Your Property Value with a Gazebo or Pergola

While backyards tend to get more use during warmer months it doesn’t have to be that way. Because a certain amount of shelter is available with pergolas and gazebos, they are great all year round. You get shelter from the heat and a sheltered place to sit and relax during the cooler evenings. The value these can bring to your home and yard is worth the investment as you enjoy it every month. Besides having space to build, many people are concerned about the pricing to build a yard structure. Costing will vary across locations and depending on the materials you use as well as who does the installation. Whatever you spend on the gazebo or pergola, you can be assured you will recoup the value. Not only does it provide an enjoyable space for you, but it adds to the value of the yard and the house. The most common materials used include cedar, teak, fiberglass, and aluminum. The type of gazebo and pergola can also vary and you have a wide range of options. Pricing will vary according to size and design too. The different designs you can choose from are:

  • Pergola with retractable canopy
  • Pergolas with a pitched or gabled roof
  • Bayside panelized octagon gazebo
  • Open-topped pergolas (flat or arched)
  • Penthouse cottage or garden shed

The size of your pergola or gazebo will impact the value and potential sale price of your home, so keep this in mind when planning. Larger may not always be better. It is more important to ensure that the structure is scaled to be similar in size and design to others associated with the house. If it is too large it will distract from other parts of the home and yard and can be unappealing. When it comes to designing and installing a gazebo or pergola, there are several things to consider. Obviously, you want to do things right so that you can benefit from its added value to your home. The wrong structure can make a home unattractive, but the right one will work wonders for any resale value. For a successful project be sure to remember:

  • Your budget, and be accurate with this so as not to overspend
  • Choose a style and design that fits with the style of your home
  • Pick materials that fit with current décor and that will work with local weather
  • Work with professionals to get accurate measurements
  • Determine what the use of the structure will be before picking a design/style.

Final thoughts

Regardless of the structure you choose, you will end up with a great place to spend time outdoors and to relax. It is great for just hanging out with family or for entertaining guests. With the right décor, furniture, and ambiance, you can have an ideal and cozy getaway. The appeal of gazebos and pergolas will add value and attract attention from buyers giving you the opportunity to make your life and your home a little better.


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