Here are the basics of installing a garage door. You would start by sealing the underside of the panel with weather stripping and install this in the entryway section of the garage. Then you hammer the nails in the jambs so the garage door can stay in place during the remaining of the installation. After you do this you would assemble the vertical and horizontal tracks for the garage door then you need to add the rollers and brackets.


Take a drill and connect all of the items you used in installing the garage door and then you would mount the jambs to the door’s tracks. Then you mount the tracks and place the door in the position you want it to be in. You would then install your torque if you will not use a garage door opener.

Installing Garage Door Openers


Here is some advice on installing a garage door opener. The first thing you need to do is have all of your parts on hand and make sure you have adequate time to complete the project since it will be a time-consuming project. The next thing you want to do is check the garage door to see if there are any problems with it because those problems could cause troubles during the installation of the garage door opener.

Safety is important when installing a garage door opener because garage doors could come apart and severely injure you if you do not follow installation instructions carefully. If you have never installed a garage door opener, it is best to hire a professional. Most states require that you install eye sensors on the garage door opener to prevent injuries while the door is closing and as the car and people enter the garage door.


Your garage door serves as more than just protection from criminals and natural weather elements. Your garage door also serves as part of your home’s décor and it makes the rest of the neighborhood look attractive. In addition, your garage door increases the value of your home since home buyers prefer to purchase homes with added security. If you are installing a garage door yourself, you should get extra help from relatives who are experienced in this activity for a more efficient installation. Finally, you want to take your time during the installation and double check once it is complete.


Article is courtesy by the New York based NY Gates.

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