Sometimes the house can start to feel small or like it needs a make-over. It is not uncommon for homes to become too small or out of date, especially if you have lived there for a while. Rather than worry about moving and relocation, you should consider renovations. Renovating your home is a great way to give yourself more space, a new look, and added value to the home. When it comes to renovations, there are several different things you can do to increase space and value for your house.

Upgrade Your House

  • Increased efficiency: By making your home a smart home by adding smart features, you increase efficiency and value to the home. The environment and energy efficiency are hot topics these days, which makes smarter homes more appealing. Additions for improving efficiency can include new windows, new insulation, solar panel lighting, or a new heat pump. Any smart addition or modification will improve energy use in the home and save on energy bills. It is also more appealing to potential buyers.
  • Kitchen upgrades: Adding a pantry or storage room to the side of your kitchen gives more space and extra storage. Small modifications like this make a big impact by opening up space in a busy room and storage is also a popular feature that prospective buyers will look for. Adding a pantry room or additional storage room off the kitchen can increase the value of the home and your overall space.
  • Bathroom addition: The general rule for the number of bathrooms to have today is one and a half bathrooms for every bedroom. Potential buyers will be looking for this so adding a new one can make a big difference. An additional bathroom means more space for getting ready in especially for larger families and it is a better-looking prospect to potential buyers. You can add a master bathroom if you have space or a small half bath to create a beneficial and positive impact.
  • Sunrooms: Adding a sunroom to the side of the house adds valuable natural lighting to the home, and it also adds value. These rooms are perfect for relaxing and entertaining and allow for natural lighting, so you can cut back on electricity usage. Sunrooms are also ideal for indoor gardens which helps improve air quality in the home. They are the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors when it may be too cold to go outside.
  • A makeover: Not all renovations have to be expensive and time-consuming projects. You can enhance the value of your home by doing a little touch-up work. Painting the exterior, interior, and adding new features or appliances is an easy way to make the home look new again. Curb appeal is also important so invest in your yards and gardens too. A healthy lawn with colorful bushes can add instant value to the home.


When it comes to improving the appeal and value of your home, consider adding to your home first. When you need more space or a little more appeal, these projects do not have to be difficult. They do need to be carefully done though, so make sure you plan everything out first. Whatever renovations you decide to try, reach out to us and we can help you find the right fit for your budget and your needs.

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