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Working with powered access platforms, scaffolding or other access equipment can be very hazardous. It is therefore very important that you take care of your own safety as well as the safety of others around you. The only way to ensure yours and their safety is to invest in comprehensive training provided by experienced professionals.

All training you undertake should follow the guidelines set forth by the IPAF (The International Powered Access Federation) to ensure that all participants follow the laid out health and safety laws. The IPAF provides quality training for powered access machinery in a manner that ensures the safe and effective use of access equipment. Click here for Leeds IPAF Training Courses


Why Do You Need IPAF Training?

Working at great heights remains one of the biggest causes of major injuries and fatalities in all working situations in the UK. One of the most common causes of injury in these situations is often a fall from a ladder or through a glass surface. The best way to avoid such accidents is to, therefore, use only the best equipment and ensure that all employees have the right training to use the equipment in the best possible way to avoid such accidents.

Thanks to the IPAF and better education about these situations and how to use height access equipment, height accidents have significantly reduced over the past 20 years. Training alongside the introduction of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP) are pivotal in making working at heights safer and more efficient.

With the ever-evolving work-place conditions, IPAF training has become more essential than ever. The ever-changing work-at-height rules and regulations are in place to ensure that you and other MEWP workers are trained to handle this equipment in the best possible manner to ensure your own safety and that of the work-place. IPAF training ensures that you not only know how to handle this equipment but that you operate your workplace in line with these regulations. IPAF training is also crucial if you are going to understand how to use this equipment safely.

Get Familiar Before Work Begins

The best way to be safe with any kind of equipment is to familiarize yourself with the equipment before you begin using it. The more you learn how to use the MEWPs the more confident you will be when using them and therefore be better placed to use them safely. The first step is IPAF training which is designed to give you adequate familiarity with work at height equipment. The training is also aimed at making sure you are in tune with all the rules and regulations that govern the use of this type of equipment.

The result is fewer accidents and a safer working environment. As a direct consequence, you are able to complete a project in record time without any additional costs. Being confident around MEWP equipment means that your workers are able to work faster and more efficiently, getting the most out of the equipment to produce the best results in the shortest time possible.

While the IPAF will not hold the training themselves, they allow a number of certified training centers to train interested parties around the country. In fact, an estimated 100,000 people around the world have undertaken IPAF training programs every year.

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