What Issues To Look For When You Walk Through (texas)


Finally, the day you have been waiting for is here- it is walk-through day in your new home. You can ask your spouse, a close friend or family member to accompany you, since you may want a second opinion. As expected the house will be sparkling clean to attract the potential clients. So, what else should you be looking for?

Ask for all the information

Before starting the walkthrough, you ought to request for information regarding the house from your builder. You need to be at par with things like the area where the house was constructed, warranty cards and appliance information. The builder should also give you a warranty that lasts for at least a year.

The builder ought to provide a means of communication with the clients. An online portal would be great, especially considering that everything has gone online nowadays. New homes are not like their preexisting counterparts in that it is much easier to tell if anything is not installed properly.

Remove stickers

After the builder reviews all the questions you ask, the next step ought to be removing labels with him or her. Usually, builders who are detailed oriented will stick a few labels around the house where they feel something should be fixed. It might be a minor paint issue or even a more serious structure deformity. Start from the front of your house and move to the back. In case you notice that something is not fixed as per indicated by the label, make a note for the builder to work on.

Scrutinize the appliances

It is probably the first time you see your home’s appliances. Therefore, there is no doubt that you are super excited. All the same, do not allow your excitement to conceal the defaults in the house. Look out for scratches and dents on the appliances.

Tiny gritty details matter

Do not take anything for granted. Whenever you walk into a room, switch on the lights to see whether the bulbs are working or not. Make sure you check the sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms as well as toilets. Also, ensure that the garbage disposal system is working. Run at least one cycle of the dishwasher to ensure it is also in perfect working condition.

Mark the areas that require correction

Use a marker for this. If you do not have one, the builder should be able to provide one. Whenever you note something that needs some fixing, mark the area so that you may revisit later on. You might also notice other issues such as mismatched or uneven countertops or tiles.

Check the exterior

A home is a significant investment that should never be taken for granted. As much as the interior matter, so does the exterior. Survey the exterior of your house and ensure it meets your expectations. You also want to look at the basement if there is one, then check the circuit box and the sump pump. At the end of the walkthrough, you will be amazed by the results as long as you follow these steps. By the time you get the keys during closing, everything should be perfect.

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