Corrosion, infestation by bacteria and other organisms, over capacity, allowing for easy access in addition to compliance with safety regulations are some of the reasons why you might consider refurbishing your industrial water storage tanks.

To refurbish water tank, you should hire an expert who has experience in inspecting water tanks, knows how to climb tanks and what to look for. The expert will issue you a report stating his findings and giving recommendations of the extent of refurbishment required.

Benefits of Water Tank Refurbishment

Tank refurbishment aims to return a tank to good condition.

Refurbishment of existing tanks can save both time and money, as well as cutting to the minimum the inconvenience of a shut off water system.

Prevent leakage that can lead to rot and compromise other structures that might come into contact with the water.

Avoid instances of contaminating your water reservoirs.

Prevent collapse of structures and the resultant damage to property and people.

Maintain efficiency levels of your workers and reduce downtime associated with replacements.

It saves you money having to buy or build new tanks. The cost of repair is lower than the cost of new installations.

Welding to replace bolts in steel tanks hence strengthen the tank further.

Types of Tanks for Industrial Water Storage

Concrete tanks

Concrete becomes  very strong and durable when it has coating material but when unprotected it can erode quickly.

Concrete absorbs water causing the reinforcing bars of the water tank to rust thereby weakening the strength of the water tank as well as impacting on water quality. Because concrete is porous, it can breed waterborne organisms such as bacteria which will in turn require you to buy disinfectants which can be very costly.

Steel tanks

Due to their durability, steel tanks are preferred for industrial use such as storage, processing, high pressure processes. Unlike concrete tanks that are prone to cracking and leaking, welded steel tanks are less likely to leak.

However, the bolts holding a steel tank together should get frequent replacement as they might weaken and could compromise the tank.

Types of Refurbishment done on Industrial water tanks

Products used for coating tanks should be easy to apply and dry quickly. They should also last long, be capable of withstanding different climatic conditions, weather elements and damage resulting from impact.

Below are examples of industrial water tank refurbishments:

Fitting ball valves to adjust volume of content a tank can hold.

Fitting overflow pipes for water tanks intended to discharge outside a building.

Replace lids and screens to prevent contamination by foreign matter and small animals.

Cold water storage tank insulation to reduce temperature fluctuations.

Painting and internal coating jobs to keep water tanks to protect from and repair corrosion and other damages incurred due to exposure. By applying Polyurethane, fiber-glass coatings or Butyl lining, you can get prolonged service from your tank.

Tank refurbishment and repair is about peace of mind and prevention against disaster.Should you determine that your tank is beyond practical refurbishment or where you find the capacity to be wanting or that it endangers lives in any way, it means your tank requires replacement.


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