Creating a Kid-Friendly Backyard


Kids love to play outdoors, so you want to make sure they have a safe and fun place to play. Any backyard can become a kids’ adventure place, you just need the right ingredients.

Creating a Kid-Friendly Backyard

  • Jungle Explorers: By planting tall grass and some weeping trees, you can create your own jungle. Place stones to create paths through the jungle so kids can explore. Some strategically placed boulders can provide climbing fun. Outdoor exploration and creative play will keep the kids away from television and video games. Just be sure to maintain the grass as this can become a hiding place for critters.
  • Artists Corner: Find an area of fence that is easy to reach and attach a giant chalkboard to it. This way your kids have a place to scribble and draw without getting chalk all over the pavement and fencing. The kids have a place to be creative, you get beautiful artwork, and the fence stays clean.
  • Backyard Beach: Everybody loves the beach, but not everyone lives close to a beach. So bring the beach to your yard. Dig a shallow pit in a corner of the yard and lay plastic sheeting over it. Fill with sand and beach toys. You can even add a small pile of bricks to create a bonfire pit, so you and the kids can enjoy some s’mores at night.
  • Splash Play: You have sand, but what about water. On summer days it can be fun to play in the water to cool down. You don’t need to have a pool. Set up a tarpaulin in the yard, near the “beach” if you created one. Add some sprinkles and the kids have a cheap and fun way to splash and slide through the summer heat.
  • Nature Play: One of the biggest draws of the outdoors is nature. Kids live creatures of all kinds and can watch them for hours. By planting a flower garden and hanging bird feeders, you can attract butterflies, bees, birds, and squirrels to the yard. Having a haven for creatures brings life to the yard and viewing pleasure for the kids.
  • Grow and Eat: If your kids need some persuading to eat their veggies, having them grow their own may be the solution. Allocate an area of the yard for a veggie garden and teach them to grow their own food. They will love the responsibility and enjoy watching things grow. Be sure you pick veggies that are easy to grow with basic maintenance.
  • Swing for the Skies: A swing is one of the oldest and most loved pieces of equipment. Kids love to swing. If you don’t have the room or budget for a swingset, create your own. An old tire makes a great swing and all you need is some rope and a sturdy tree branch.


You don’t need to spend a fortune to create a fun backyard for the kids. A few of these ideas will transform the yard into a playground to keep the kids entertained, active, educated, and soaking up the sunshine and fresh air.


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