If you have recently purchased a home or will be purchasing a home in the future one of the things to consider will be the Landscaping of your yard. You want your home to look as presentable and well they have a tight budget to work with. There are however, things that you can do to get your yard looking picture perfect and not spend a large amount of money. We will be going over some tips and tricks that will help stretch your dollar when Landscaping your new home.


– Buy Versatile Plants

When you are shopping for plants to use for landscaping purposes it will help save money if you buy plants survive year-round. it will also save money in the long run to purchase plants that will come back the next year. you might also want to consider buying plants that will spread and produce a greater ground cover.


– Clearance

At the end of each season, most big box retail stores that carry landscaping supplies and plants will put their previous season stock on clearance. You can get some excellent deals and save a lot of money by purchasing clearance items. check frequently for clearance stock because in most cases, these items will not stay around for very long. You can save up to 90% with clearance sales.


– Take Donations

You would be surprised how much money you can save by simply asking around for landscaping items that friends and family will no longer be using. You can cut your landscaping costs in half and some cases by simply asking. You could also mention that landscaping supplies could make a wonderful housewarming gift.


– Recycle

If you have leftover materials from your previous home you can bring those with you. Many people do not think to take landscaping items within and later on regret not having used them. you can also use discarded items to incorporate into your landscaping design. By using free items you can dramatically cut your overall landscaping costs.


– Do The Work Yourself

Many people hire Landscaping professionals to make their home look great. One thing that can cut costs dramatically would be for you to do the landscaping yourself. Although it may take more time and more effort you will save a bundle of money in the long run. You can also ask friends and family to help you on the weekends and make a get-together out of it.


There are many ways to save on a new home landscaping project. It is important to first sit down and figure out your overall budget before you begin the project. You will also want to make sure that any contractor you use is licensed and insured. Be sure to check the customer reviews for the company before you sign a contract. make sure that you also set aside some extra money in case the project exceeded your original budget. With a little planning and some hard work you can have the beautiful landscape you have always dreamed of.


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