Everything You Need To Know About Landscaping in Houston

Landscaping is a serious art that needs regular attention to its details. That’s because it requires time and effort to make sure that it’s appealing.

Lawn Landscaping

  • Fertilization

You should make sure that you fertilize your grass on a regular basis. That’s because your garden needs natural nutrients to look healthy. It also ensures that during winter, your lawn is good.

  • Cleaning

You should make sure that your garden is free of debris before winter. That’s because this waste leaves your grass looking smothered. Cleaning also prevents your grass from being prone to disease and dying.

  • Aeration

You should puncture the soil around your grass for more aeration. That’s because these allows for more ventilation. You should do this process before winter.

Outdoor Landscaping

  • Use outdoor landscape lighting. That ensures that your home is secure and elegant. You can achieve this through installing low voltage lights outdoors.
  • The high energy systems used indoors are dangerous when it come to outdoor lighting. The ideal landscape lighting should use 12 volts as compared to 120 volts. That prevents fatal incidences such as electrocution when it rains.
  • There are different types of lights you can use. Path lighting and accent lighting that focuses on specific landscape features such as decks. You can also install spread lighting that creates a general mood by illuminating a wide area.


  • You should contact multiple companies to ask for estimates. Compare prices. They should come and physically inspect the work to be done before offering you quotes.

What to Look Out For

  • You should avoid companies or individuals that provide their quotes through phone or emails. That’s because they may increase their quotes after physically inspecting the work.
  • You should also remember that that home upgrade increases your insurance costs. That’s because upgrades increase the value of your property.
  • You should make sure that you follow local building codes and bylaws when carrying out this landscaping works. That ensures that you don’t get fined as the result of ignoring these rules.

The above guide on everything you need to know about landscaping should make it easier for you to choose us as your landscaping company. Remember to hire companies that suit your needs, time and budget needs.

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