If it time to put your house on the market, you are likely thinking of all the ways to increase its value so you get the best return on your investment. When it comes to boosting a home’s value, many people focus on the house itself and forget about the outside. Overlooking the value of landscaping is a mistake, as this is a proven way to boost the sale price of any home.

How Landscaping Brings More Return on Your Investment?

Landscaping is a wise investment and has been shown to increase the sale of housing. For every dollar, you spend you an expect a return of $1.35. Focusing on landscaping is especially useful in depressed or crowded real estate markets. Not only can new landscaping boost the sale price, but it also makes the property stand out more against other potential properties. With every dollar spent resulting in a 35% return, the investment in landscaping should be at the top of every seller’s to-do list. The more you spend, the more your return is predicted to be as higher quality landscaping brings even more boost to the sale price. If you are looking to get the most out of your house, look into landscaping and make sure you go for quality and not just average work. Beyond sprucing up the price of your house, new landscaping also makes your home more attractive. If a row of houses on the same street is all for sale, the one with the nicest landscaping will get the most attention. Curb appeal goes a long way in boosting a home’s value and in making a house stand out on the market.

Final thoughts

The importance of curb appeal has been confirmed by real estate agents time and time again. When showing homes to potential buyers, the initial appearance and impression (often made by the landscaping) weighs heavy on the ultimate buying decision. You cannot undo a bad first impression, so make the right one for your home by investing in quality landscaping. The return will be more than worth it.


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