When you think of chandeliers, you usually envision large, modern chandeliers that can be found in ballrooms, theaters and public auditoriums; but you can have your own chandelier in your home and allow any room to immediately light up and create a beautiful, stylish atmosphere for your guests.

Chandeliers are great, but you need to know how to hang them properly to get the best effect. You need to choose the correct size, and a good rule of thumb is to add the size of the room together in feet, and then convert the answer into inches; this should then be the diameter of the fixture. However, if you are looking to fit a chandelier in a dining room, choose a fixture that is roughly the width of the dining room table. Bigger is often better than smaller, so rather have the chandelier be a bit bigger than the table rather than being smaller, as it won’t look as good when the table is larger than the chandelier.

When you hang a chandelier in a room, always make sure that you hang it low enough so that it provides adequate lighting for the whole room. You can hang a chandelier about 30” from a tabletop as a guideline, but preferably not closer as it might look to “heavy” for the room when you do. If you use entryway chandeliers, make sure that they are about 7 feet from the floor and not lower, as tall people might have a hard time walking underneath them if you hang them lower.


Here are a few other aspects to remember when you want to fit chandeliers in your home:

  • Don’t limit yourself to only one chandelier in a large room, two smaller ones can look just as good
  • Do use chandeliers in a variety of rooms, like your kitchen, bathroom and even home office
  • Don’t be afraid to play around with different styles
  • Do install a dim switch on the chandeliers so that you can create the perfect level of light
  • Never hang a chandelier so that it is lower than the second floor in a two-story entryway

Chandeliers add the perfect style and level of light in any room, and they can be added to almost any home. They are often the focal point in a dining room, and guests will immediately notice it. Make sure that it complements your existing décor and always determine the right size chandelier to use before you buy.

In some cases you can use two smaller chandeliers, and you can even combine different styles in various rooms in your home. If you are not sure, ask an interior designer or decorator for tips and advice, and take them with you when you shop for new chandeliers. If you fit them correctly, your home can look stunning and more stylish than ever before.

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