Construction sites are one of the most prominent sites of employee injury. More than that, so often are the materials and built structures are put in the path of danger because of poor planning and substandard materials. In order to ensure the completion of any project on time and sans injury, look for these features on your construction site. If you are not seeing them, maybe you should consider implementing them. Or you could just go ahead and raise your insurance premium, you know, whatever’s faster.

1. Loose or Hanging Wires

Having any loose or hanging wiring can be very dangerous to anyone that is working on-site. Usually cables and wires are protected by a placing wooden boards on top and hoping that they hold up against the onslaught of construction vehicles, tools and materials that run atop them for hours at a time. Hanging wires also pose threat for traffic and civilians in the area and often traffic has to be re-directed to limit exposure. Louisiana-based Brahman Systems has created huge innovations in cable and hose protection that is cheaper and highly effective in protecting your electrical systems.

2. Loose Materials

Nails, tools, glass, broken materials all of these are easy to overlook and can still cause serious injury to those within the construction zone. How many times have you passed road construction only to hear the tell-tale sound of a popped tire coming from below you? How many times were walking along a sidewalk only to fall into a huge pothole created by the huge equipment used by construction companies? Demanding proper clean-up from your crew is something that not only will a customer and your employees will appreciate it, but the community surrounding that site will be very grateful as well.

3. Loose Attitudes

Construction sites can be a male playground with some workers believing it is acceptable to come to work inebriated or under the influence. Employers and clients should have a no tolerance policy when it comes to these matters. You wouldn’t want your doctor under the influence, or the person building your car, why would accept someone under the influence building your home? You don’t. They either cut it out or they can get out. Simple.

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