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Even though every homeowner wants to keep their home safe from thieves, they may not have the finances available to pay for the most expensive high end home security system. However, because technology has also changed over the years, the cost of certain surveillance systems have also been reduced substantially over time. Thereby, making the actual cost of these expensive systems more available and accessible to more homeowners.

To that end, there is still a large group of homeowners who need the protection, but cannot afford the price of a formal home security system that requires a huge installation cost and any associated monthly fees for its proper maintenance. Therefore, for this group of homeowners, they can still benefit from a very inexpensive do-it-your home security solution. Which means, they can avoid the costly hundreds to thousands of dollars that many of the affluent homeowners can afford to pay. Instead, with the right guidance, they are usually able to piece meal a play and plug security system that may range in price as low as $60 in buying a security camera for the home.

Fortunately, with the right app on a mobile phone, the homeowner can even control their system from far away. The homeowner can choose to install the security camera on the inside of the home or the outside. The choice or preference is left up to the homeowner and their needs. When these systems are attached to a specific hard drive or the owner takes advantage of cloud storage solution, they can access the footage that has been taken in the event that there really is a break in. Also, according to information suppled by SEOperson, Internet marketing consultant from Los Angeles CA, homeowners should also invest in a system that includes sensors for the windows and doors. Specifically, because the windows and doors are very vulnerable places that can easily be entered into by intruders.


Though the do-it-yourself home security systems can be sufficient enough to keep burglars and thieves at bay, there is a downside to using a home security system that has been made and developed by the homeowner themselves. One of the most essential downsides that homeowner should always think about is the ultimate impact that it will have on the owner’s home insurance. Since the do-it-yourself systems are not verified and approved by professionals in the industry, these systems will not apply to the traditional discounts that a homeowner receives on their home insurance.

Technology Not fail Proof

Though smartphone technology can be used in setting up a new security system, there is another area that must be considered. One in which identifies an area of exposure in this do it yourself technology. Which means, it is also important to note that the most recent technologies have not been proven to date. With this said, however, there are still some manual things that can be done to protect the family and their possessions.

#1 – Use deadbolt locks

The design of deadbolt locks makes it much more difficult for intruders to pass through. Even when a deadbolt is inexpensive, they can make it hard for an intruder to pick and break into.

#2- Protect the Garage from Break ins

The manual pull cord in a garage makes the home more vulnerable for break ins because burglars know how to gain access via this cord. To prevent this from happening, the homeowner should make sure that the pull cord is rigged on the inside via the use of a zip tie.

#3 – Make sure all sliding glass doors are secured properly

Sliding doors are easy to gain access into the home improperly. However, when a homeowner places a wooden broom handle or the like in the base of the slide, it can prevent a burglar from entering in.

#4 – Home Must be well lit

Among many security support professionals, one of the best known deterrents to a break in is making sure the home is properly lit. Since the main goal and objective of the burglar is not to be seen, its a simple deterrent that’s very effective.

#5 – Set up a Hack for ground floor windows

The homeowner should always make it difficult for a burglar to access the home through their ground floor doors. This can be accomplished by making it a very painful experience. Simply stated, the owner can position plants with sharp thorns as an excellent unavoidable fix for those who manage to get in.

#6 – Potential Entry Points must be easy for Onlookers to see

All entry points into the home should be easy to see at all times. Which means, shrubbery, trees, hedges and other items should be trimmed down and arranged accordingly.

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