(Texas) Maintaining a Natural Backyard



If you decide to maintain a natural backyard, you will make your home look attractive and inviting to the friends and family members. A natural backyard is environmentally friendly. It makes that unique space at the backyard safe and comfortable. Below are some of the tips that can help you maintain a natural backyard.

How To Maintain a Natural Backyard?


When you consider composting for your backyard, you will benefit by enriching the soil with nutrients, warding off the pests, and suppressing plant diseases. Therefore, composting will help your plants grow healthy and flourish. Besides, composting ensures the reduction of landfills from the food craps and other wastes, thereby minimizing the emissions of methane (a harmful gas to the environment).

Eliminates the use of chemicals

If you want to maintain a natural backyard, avoid using chemicals for pests, weeds, and as fertilizers. You should consider using organic fertilizers and herbicides. Non-organic substances pose health risks to your children, pets, and the planet. However, their organic counterparts work well in the elimination of pests, killing weeds, and providing nutrients to the soil. For example, Grass Killer and EcoSmart Organic Weeds are natural herbicides that will kill the weed in your flowerbeds and patios without leaving any synthetic residues.

Consider xeriscaping

Xeriscaping involves the use of drought-resistant plants in your backyard. Xeriscaping will eliminate the need for supplemental water especially if you live in drought-prone and arid areas. Besides, you should consider using a fair amount of gravel or mulching to stabilize the soil temperatures, conserve water, and suppress the growth of weeds.

Maintain a pest-free backyard using organic methods

You should use EcoSmart Organic Garden Dust to rid of your outdoor oasis from beetles, aphids, mites among other harmful pests. EcoSmart Organic Garden Dust is an organic pesticide that will protect your plants by killing pests without harming the environment, your children, or the family members. You should keep mosquitos from your backyard by burning citronella candles. However, these candles work the best in small spaces. You can also make DIY insect repellent using a variety of essential oils like the geranium, peppermint, or cedarwood oils because they are efficient in warding off different pests like ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, and flies.

Attract the right insects in your backyard

You should attract the right insects in your backyard like butterflies, bees, and ladybugs by choosing the plants that beckon the beneficial insects. You can lure bees by planting bee balm, catmint, and crocus. You can attract butterflies using such plants like milkweed, or plant zinnias. Herbs such as parsley, garlic, and cilantro will help you in luring the beneficial ladybugs.

Attract and lure birds

Birds in your backyard provide a beautiful and attractive appeal to people. You can purchase birds online or attract them naturally in your backyard by creating a bird feeder.

Use solar power in lighting the backyard

You can illuminate your backyard using LED-landscaping lights, which are solar-powered. These lights help in conserving electricity because they acquire power from the sun. Lighting your backyard will make it look even more attractive at night.



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