Making Your Patio Fun For The Whole Family


The patio is your go-to place for relaxing after a long day or for spending quality time with family and friends on a nice day. The patio furniture you buy can make a big difference to the look and atmosphere of your yard so you need to choose wisely. You want everyone in your family to enjoy the patio area, including the children, so there are some important factors to consider when picking the furniture for the large family.

Easy to Clean

Accident happens; pets track mud and dirt and kids spill things. Additionally, you have to remember that patio furniture is exposed to the outdoor elements so dust and debris are regular visitors. If you can choose furniture that has removable cushion covers for easy cleaning or stain resistant fabric. When it comes to fabric choices you should also go with darker colors because they hide stains better.

Avoid Sharp Edges

With kids running around and spending time on the patio too, you need to make safety a priority. Pick out furniture that doesn’t have blunt or sharp edges to avoid injuries. Sharp edges can not only rip or tear clothing but they can hurt a child or even yourself. Pick tables and chairs that have soft rounded edges and take care when placing the patio furniture. Make sure there is enough walking space between everything and avoid crowding.

Get a Family Fit

You may like the idea of a big reclining chair but that will take up a lot of space on a patio. This is not very inviting when you have a family. With limited spacing, you need to choose furniture that accommodates everyone without crowding. Large sofas area good choice because they can fit several people and also come with comfortable cushions for you and the kids.


Having an umbrella is a great way to add shade to a patio seating area if you don’t already have a covering provided by the house. Too much sun can be damaging to your health as well as your patio furniture, so consider getting an umbrella that can be opened during the day to protect your kids from UV rays. Your patio furniture will also last longer and colors will not fade.
As you decide to make changes to your patio you will notice that there are countless options when it comes to designs, colors and furniture. Set your priorities right and make sure you get what is best for you, your kids and the many guests you will entertain in your relaxing back yard space.

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