Making Your Property Investment Last

When it comes to owning property, a large investment is made on your part and you want to get the most from this investment. There are a number of things you can do to the home and the yard to enhance the value of the property and make your property investment last. Many add structures like gazebos or pergolas to the yard and they are prized possessions, but you must take care of them to ensure you protect your investment.

Making Your Property Investment Last

With these popular yard structures, there are a few things you can do to ensure they last a long time and protect your investment. Pergolas are typically made from cedar which lasts a long time, longer than most other wood types in fact. Because it is outside though, it is exposed to all the elements which can take their toll on even the strongest materials over time. You cannot control the elements, but you can maintain your pergola and keep it safe.

  • Take care of the wood: Red cedar is a durable wood that is naturally retreated when used for building pergolas. It also contains natural oils that prevent insect infestation and decay. Waterproof sealant can help preserve the natural color of the wood and provides weather resistance. Remember to apply sealant every two or four years depending on the weathering you expect. The sealant also helps to prevent cracks and warping so the wood lasts longer.
  • Cleaning your pergola: The treated wood that is used can be cleaned with the same products you use around your house. IF you invest in a vinyl-coated pergola, then there is no maintenance needed. IF any cleaning s required for your pergola, mild soap and water will do the trick. Refrain from using power washers as these can cause damage to the wood.

Restoring an Old or Unused Pergola

If you are investing in restoring an unused pergola, it can take some time but can be done. Use a bristle brush to get rid of dry dirt and cracked paint, but do not scrub too harshly so as not to damage the natural texture of the wood. The wood needs to be smoothed so there are no splinters and use a light sander if necessary.  Check for mildew and remove any with a bleach and warm water solution. If any corroded fasteners have left stains, remove them, wash away the stains and replace with new fasteners. Once all stains are removed, clear away all dirt taking care to get dirt that is stuck between the cracks. Once clean, you can paint the pergola. An oil-based acrylic paint is best and then use a water sealant to finish the job.


Whether you restore an old pergola or invest in a new one for your yard, they are a great way to add value to the home and protect your overall investment. The pergola itself is also an investment so don’t let it go to waste, and take care of it often, so it can be the pride of your yard.


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