motorized screen in houston tx

Retractable screens work by being carefully fitted along the contours of your home where they are needed most: patios, porches, decks and windows. They can also be installed over your garage door, allowing you the freedom to use your garage with the door wide open in any weather without worry of bugs or rain splatter. Everyone can use these simple screens to improve their homes. With the simple push of a button, the screens roll down along hidden tracks to fit flush against the house. This same remote can control individually or simultaneously up to 16 separate screen motors for complete control over the entire system. Heavy duty bars anchor the bottom of the screens to keep them taut and prevent any sagging or swinging. Superior rounded and well formed hoods for motorized screen systems are dent resistant and fit in better with your home’s decor.

Retractable screens in Houston come in different types, including insect screens, which are seven time stronger than regular exterior screens and made specifically to resist damage from household pets. The screens are also available in a variety of colors, such as: black, gray, brown, beige, stucco, white, and clear vinyl. Various remote styles include keychain and wall mounted. Also available, sensors that are weather reactive or integrated into existing home automation systems. Installation is fairly easy, taking only a few hours based on how big an area the screens will be installed into. Screens can be installed in a few different options. One option is to have them recessed into the existing structure so that the screen’s components are practically invisible to the outside observer. Another option is to have them surface mounted, where the screen’s tracks are mounted openly on the sides of the wall with their attractive mountings with hidden screws. Screen can also be installed with the trapped mounts, where there is no extra room to spare for the screen mountings. It fits comfortably within the existing space. The mountings come primarily in four colors: bronze, ivory, white and beige; but depending, you may also be able to order a special made color mounting for an additional charge.

There’s a lot of good options and a lot to choose from. All the choices will still save you from the sun, the bugs and the heat while opening up your porch, deck, patio, house for a cool refreshing breeze of fresh air. Consider if getting one is the right choice for your house.

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