Motorized Screens

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Automatic: The motorized retractable screen have sun and wind sensors hence can be programmed to fit the need of anyone. Also have remote control and in-wall mounted control hence one can adjust to requirement by touch of a button

Compatibility: they are compatible with the home automatic system of many houses.

Durable: the motorized retractable screens are durable as they are have extruded aluminum frame which makes it to be long lasting and provide surface that is easy to clean.

They are environmental friendly: the aluminum used can be recycled.

Made of stainless steel: the stainless still will prevent the screen from rusting hence no noise created when rust occur.

They compliment with the existing decor.

Weight slide bar makes it easy to slide the screen and make it disappear when not in use.

The screen can virtually disappear when not in use and restoring the previous conditions.

They are versatile as they can fit in any design of a door, window or garage.


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Provide smooth and quiet operation. The use of a remote makes it very easy to operate the screen without making any sound. The hydraulic damper allows smooth retraction of the screen.

Reduce the energy cost of a home. After installation of the motorized retractable screen there is no need of air conditioning or leaving the lights on because the screen provide ventilation and regulated temperatures.

They protect from ultra violet rays. The screen has sun control fabrics that offer protection from the sun’s rays mostly to homes where sun illuminate directly. Hence reducing fading of the interior furnishes.

Provide an enjoyable and comfortable environment. The light and wind can be controlled making a suitable environment for anyone to enjoy and feel comfortable.

They offer privacy with the virtually disappearing screen.

Maintenance is easy. When not in use the screen are protected from adverse weather conditions and dirt.

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