A new house or apartment can be difficult to feel like home at first. Sometimes it might be a while before you can paint the walls, or make the memories that turn a space into something familiar and comforting. The following items are ways to transform your new place into a home.


A simple bookshelf is a great way to bring your own personality to a new place. Essentially, it’s a matter of having a piece of furniture on which you can display pieces of your life. From your favorite books to the unique trinkets you acquired on a trip overseas, smaller items can come together to tell the story of who you are and what you love. Try to arrange your items with a thematic coherency. Even if your books and little treasures have no consistent theme, they can come together to represent you and make you feel like the space has become yours.

Light Fixtures

Many new houses and apartments are equipped with some basic, even generic lighting fixtures. That generic look can be a bit depressing if you’ve recently moved from some place you considered home, with all the nuance and character that years of living have imbued. A trip to the local home improvement store will yield a variety of options for upgrades to suit every kind of taste.

Curtains and Blinds

Window treatments are another way to add a personal touch to your new space. Like lighting, window treatments are often a bit generic and bland in a new space, or they may represent the taste of the last person to occupy the home. There are a huge variety of options available. Even just a set of bamboo shades to replace the standard metal blinds can transform you home to a completely different look.


Textiles are among the easiest ways to add a splash of character and personality to a new home. If you have blanket you love from your old home, toss it over the couch. Every time you see it you’ll have that cozy feeling of familiarity. Likewise a rug or throw pillows, whether new or full of memories, can enable you to stamp the new bland carpet with your personal touch.

Make Your House Feel Like Home

Wall Art

Lastly, don’t forget the art. Banksy Art on canvas is a great way to express the warm, poignant emotions that fill a home.  Banksy canvas is available in many styles and sizes to make your home more personal. You can even print your own pictures into works of art to display in your home.

With these five methods, you’ll be feeling at home in no time. With a combination of old items show your personality, and new fixtures or curtains that compliment your house, you will be sure to transform your new space into a cozy place that feels like home.

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