Picking Outdoor Furniture Based on Where You Live



It is important to get outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements. The materials will need to hold up in heat, wet, and even freezing conditions. There are specific materials and styles to look for to make sure you get outdoor furniture that will last. With today’s trendy designs, you can get functionality, durability, and strength while keeping in style.

Picking Outdoor Furniture Based on Where You Live


This is the most popular material for outdoor furniture as it can resist rust and moisture. It also has a powder coating finish that adds an additional layer of protection. Aluminum is tough but also lightweight, so you do not have to worry about having bulky and heavy furniture. The most commonly used version is tubular aluminum as it is lightweight and easy to shape as well as easy to clean and maintain. To better care for aluminum furniture use warm soapy water for the dirt removal. You also want to touch up any chips in the pain to prevent oxidation.

Resin Wicker

This is also known as all-weather wicker which makes it great for outdoor furniture. When wrapped over a metal frame, you get durable and weather-resistance furniture. Traditionally cane and rattan are used to make wicker but nowadays the woven wicker used is PVC, nylon, and high-density polyethylene. Resin wicker gives a more homey feel to your furniture while withstanding all the elements. Wicker also does not fade or crack. You can clean the resin wicker with water and let it air dry.


Not every wood is the same and that matters when it comes to outdoor furniture. That being said wood is beautiful and natural and adds a certain style to your furniture. Pine, fir, and cedar deliver some weather resistance and harder woods like teak are very durable in all weather situations. The wood of all kinds requires a higher level of maintenance to prevent cracks but when treated with protective coatings, it fares much better. To get the best from wood furniture be sure you use coasters to avoid moisture rings. Seal with varnish and keep clean with soapy water.

Recycled Plastic

Recycled plastic furniture ranks near the top in terms of both performance and style. This material is highly durable and resistant to moisture and cracking. It also resists fading front he sunlight. You can get a range of colors when using recycled plastic and it can even be made to resemble wood. Recycled plastic is durable and easy to clean and is also eco-friendly.

Wrought Iron

The distinctive appearance of wrought iron gives this material popularity. It is also sturdy and wind-resistance. Heavier than aluminum it is not easily pushed around by the elements but it is also more vulnerable to harsh weather. Often wrought iron is treated with water-resistant finishes to prevent moisture damage and make the furniture more durable. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth and can be covered with a protective coating for added protection from the weather.


Steel is lighter than wrought iron and heavier than aluminum. Steel is durable, stable, and can endure extreme temperatures. When coated with a powder-coated finish you get additional rust resistance. Steel is great for more stylish furniture as it is easily shaped and molded. You get a classy and clean look as well as furniture that lasts through the seasons. The key to keeping steel furniture around is to take care of it. Keep it clean with soapy water and treat any paint chips right away.

Final thoughts

There are several materials used for outdoor furniture. Each has benefits and adds a certain look to your patio. It is important to consider the weather in your area before buying outdoor furniture. Then you can decide the look you want to go for. Any of these materials will work and with proper maintenance, you will have great looking outdoor furniture through each season and weather change.


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