Lighting is not just important in the home. A well illuminated garden is a fantastic feature and a great way to make the most of the whole of your property. With a variety of lighting outside your home you can make it a magical and stunning place, but where to start? There are dozens of outdoor lighting options for your yard and garden, so let’s examine a few and consider how they could bring light and ambience to your home.

Down lighting

If you have any outdoor structures in your garden or on your patio then down lighting can work very well. A pergola, for instance, can benefit from LED downlights to illuminate a perfect area for outdoor drinks or dinner after the sun has gone down.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights strung up around your garden may not provide huge amounts of light but they do have a fabulous effect of creating a romantic, magical ambience on your property. These string lights are perfect for parties and as understated Christmas decorations.

Landscape lights

There are now numerous kinds of landscape light, which are perfect to illuminate a garden and to make it a pretty outdoor space. These fairly small lights can be placed across or around your lawn, and different strengths of light are available depending on how light you want your yard to be.

Outdoor candles

Another great lighting tip is to place a few outdoor candles around your garden, for natural, flickering orange light. Tall outdoor candles look particularly attractive and are resistant to wind. Another option is mosquito repellent candles which look lovely but also keep the bugs at bay when you are relaxing on your patio in the evening.

The options for outdoor lighting are multitudinous so imagine your dream garden after dark, then search for the perfect lighting to achieve your goal.

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