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Houston, Texas is definitely one of the hottest areas to live in the United States today. As a matter of fact, it consistently ranks among the hottest metros throughout the country and we mean, literally. Despite its heat, its location certainly does not take away from the fact that Houston remains to be a stunning and picturesque area.

There are numerous advantages to living in Houston and this is undoubtedly their warm weather, too. After all, this means that you get to enjoy the outdoors every single day of the year, especially when you have amazing outdoor living spaces in Houston to come home to.

If you have been wanting to make an upgrade to your property or even make a renovation, we are here to give you some outdoor living space ideas to help you get started. Below are some ways you can fully maximize your space while still living on a one-of-a-kind property.

Check Out These Outdoor Living Space Ideas

  • Your Own Pocket of Oasis

Zen spaces are such a big trend for outdoor living spaces this year, so if you want to invite more peace and relaxation into your life, building your own oasis right into your property is the next best thing. Not only will this bring more greens and lushness into your life, but this will also promote more mindful living.

If you want to have your own oasis of sorts, apart from adding in more plants and greenery that can take away some of the heat in Houston, one of the aspects you should definitely focus on is your privacy and intimacy. Use large planters and hedges to add more privacy. Even privacy screens are more inviting, especially if you live in an urban setting.

  • Cook in Your Outdoor Kitchen

If you love cooking and entertaining, an outdoor kitchen gives you the best of both worlds. You can bring entertainment to a whole other level just from your own patio or backyard, maximizing your space to the fullest.

One of the trendiest additions to outdoor kitchens these days is a pizza oven and even perhaps a grill. You can even add some built-in storage to house your tableware and other necessities. To complete the whole look, adding a ton of seating for dining and gathering around will make it even more functional, giving a new meaning to indoor-outdoor living.

Cooking outdoors likewise gives you the chance to appreciate your surroundings and neighborhood. It might even give you picturesque views of the sunset unlike any other.

  • Grow Plants in Your Container Garden

It is always great to turn your backyard into a garden as it lets you be one with nature while being in the comfort of your own home. The thing is, not everyone has that kind of space. For people who do not have enough space for a garden, a container setup is your best choice.

This only requires the right container and plants. You can set it up vertically, so you can propagate more plants, even vegetables. You do not even have to use soil if you are willing to learn more about hydroponics or the practice of growing plants on water.

  • Bring Friends Together in Your Firepit Table

There’s nothing like having an intimate conversation with friends and loved ones in the comfort of your home, wheeling away the time until the wee hours of the morning. While Texas heat can be notorious, the night tends to bring in some cooler weather, which is why having a fire pit table on your property can be quite helpful.

A fire pit table makes your outdoor space more useful and inviting than ever. Besides serving as a real talking point for your friends and family when you’re entertaining, it cannot be denied that you can use this to provide a cool heat source.

What’s great about adding a fire pit table in your outdoor living space is that you can cook smores and grill some food all while enjoying the company of one another.

  • Be Your Best Self with an Outdoor Gym

Work on your fitness goals this year by making the most of your outdoor living space by turning it into an outdoor gym. With the pandemic taking place in the past few years, there has been great emphasis on improving the health and wellness of individuals.

Backyard gyms are a great way to get your much-needed dose of vitamin D while giving you enough space and area to move around in. These don’t necessarily need to have super professional equipment. You just need to have the right kind of equipment. Having a rack here and a few barbells there can give you the exercise you need.

Plus, you can always add items to your outdoor gym over time. This can be very cost-effective as you just need to add things you can afford now, then, later on, get more stuff.

The Bottom Line

Your outdoor space offers lots of opportunities for improvement. With these beautiful outdoor designs, you can create a wonderful living space that you will love.

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