(Texas) Outdoor structures for your yardAn outdoor structure is the perfect addition to any yard. They offer shade when its hot and protection from unfriendly weather. The most popular choices include a gazebo, pergola, or a pavilion. Many people think these are all the same thing, but there are important differences you should understand. Just think how impressed your friends will be when you can explain that you have a pergola and not a gazebo.

Outdoor Structures For Your Yard: Gazebo, Pergola Or Pavilion?

It may not always be an obvious difference, so there are subtle ways to tell the difference between these three structures. Shape, style and functional purpose are the key points that distinguish one outdoor structure from another. Depending on what you are looking for, the subtle differences can have a big impact on the structure you choose for your yard.

  • Pavilions: This structure became popular back in the 1800s. They were originally designed to host entertainment and parties but have since been used for a wider assortment of uses for centuries. The size of a pavilion can vary greatly but they are typically large enough to host parties, banquets, weddings, and other large events. The roof of a pavilion resembles that of a house and they make ideal venues for outdoor retreats and picnics. A pavilion is essentially a house without walls.
  • Gazebo: Gazebos are popular in yards and parks. They are a relatively small investment, but they make a big difference to your yard. Not only do they add value to your home, but once you enjoy a nice dinner under your gazebo, the dining room table will not be the same again. Gazebos are often mistaken for pergolas but one quick way to tell them apart is that gazebos are always round. A gazebo will be octagonal in shape with a domed roof supported by eight symmetrical columns. Gazebos differ from pavilions in terms of size. A gazebo will be smaller in size and will hold smaller parties of 15 people as opposed to the larger gatherings that can fit under a pavilion.
  • Pergola: Pergolas are designed to cover seated areas and walkways. They typically have four legs and are rectangular in structure. The roof is the easiest way to determine if you are looking at a pergola because they are typically horizontal planks of wood that are flat and almost always open. Pergolas make ideal structures for garden areas and adjoining homes to create a pleasant outdoor area. They also make the best choice for outdoor kitchens because they anchor your outdoor living space.

Because of the size, it is not likely that you will ever invest in a pavilion for your yard. Pergolas and gazebos are popular additions for a home and your choice will depend on available space and budget. Once you design your outdoor structure, you will then have to fill it with comfortable and inviting furniture.

You can choose seating, décor and furniture according to the plans you have for the structure. Obviously warm family gatherings will have different furniture to a large birthday party, so you want to choose furniture accordingly. There are hundreds of options when it comes to structure design, décor, and outdoor furniture Reach out to us today for consultation and we can answer any questions you may have. Now that you know the difference between the structures, all you have to do is design and enjoy.

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