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There is nothing more enjoyable than having your own patio to enjoy on a beautiful day. You can design it however you’d like, and there are several ways to save money while choosing how to build your patio and what design you’d like it to be.

Here are a few ideas on how to save money and some neat, inexpensive ideas for a new patio addition to your home which can be enjoyed for years.


1) Pallet decks are inexpensive and the end result is very rustic and cozy. You just need to search for pallets which can be found in shipping and receiving areas of stores. Home depot and Lowe’s are constantly throwing out pallets that you could pick up for free. They can be painted, they can be laid out differently, they can be used to build furniture- all it takes is a little artistic flair and you can make a beautiful patio from pallet decks.


2) You can actually revamp your current deck if it’s in sound condition. Paint it, use stencils on it, paint the furniture, add some new plants, spice it up- this is a very inexpensive way to make your current deck look fresh, new and fun.


3) Make your deck out of gravel or colored glass. Space it out, it’s very inexpensive, and place a table and chairs on the gravel. It’s a nontraditional look, but it’s very cool and can look extremely pretty and ‘different,’ all the while inexpensive.


4) Have your concrete porch resurfaced and stamped. It will give your patio a new look and it will be sharp, pretty, and a great topic of conversation. Stamping is inexpensive and it provides for a whole new patio experience.


5) Many people who add extensions to their decks like to collect old bricks from neighbors or other projects and make raised patios over laid bricks. It’s a rustic looking, cool trendy way to add a nice patio to your home, and the possibilities for design are endless, depending on how creative you are.


6) Add a canopy to your already existing deck and make it a cabana– a sort of peaceful place for you to relax and escape to daily. It’s extremely avant garde, and it looks chic and comfortable, and gives your patio a ‘We are on vacation’ flair.


7) A really cool look is to simply plant buffalo grass between the stones that already comprise your deck. The look is luscious and extremely ‘European’ and the effect is a soft, pretty layout that you can sink your feet into.


8) A fire pit addition is a wonderful thing for families. There is nothing like roasting marshmallows or hot dogs over a brick fire pit, which can be built with old bricks. This is a wonderful, fun addition.


9) Gazebos are always a beautiful, classy look to a backyard. You can build one if you are so inclined but you can buy them and simply put them together as well. This might be a more expensive alternative to your patio, but nonetheless is a beautiful, classic addition.


10) Lining your patio with railroad ties and planting in them is always a great way to decorate your patio and make it nice and flowery and enjoyable. It’s a cheap, easy way to spruce things up.


Here are some of our work in Houston, it might help you to get some ideas:



There are several ways to add to your patio, change it, or build a new patio inexpensively. You just need to know what kind of material to look for, (many times it’s free!), and you need to have some creativity and imagination. Good luck!


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