(Texas Patio Builder) Patio Furniture MaintenanceYour patio, like the rest of your house, is an investment. It adds to the value of your home and is a feature potential buyer think is important. Patio design is one aspect, but then you also have to consider the patio furniture you get. You want to buy furniture that is inviting, comfortable and that will last a long time. To avoid the cheaper furniture, you will have to spend some money, and this means you need to invest in maintenance to get the most out of your spending.

Patio Furniture Maintenance

  • Seasonal storage: As the seasons change, so will your use of the patio furniture. Most high-end furniture brands are designed and built to withstand weather changes and are treated with anti-rust finishes. Despite this, you do not want to take this for granted. No matter what climate you live in, it is best to prepare and care for your furniture for all seasons. During harsh or wet winters, you may want to find a place to store the furniture to keep it dry and protected from unnecessary wear and tear. Always check before you buy, whether the furniture is all-weather, and if you do not have a storage place, then invest in covers to keep the furniture safe and dry.
  • Furniture Covers: Even if the furniture you bought has anti-rust finishes and is made of all-weather material, a cover will protect it from wear and tear. Even the toughest materials will eventually break down. A cover will keep your furniture looking newer for longer. Make sure all aspects of the item are weatherproof. Are the cushions waterproof? Bad weather is also unpredictable, so having a cover on hand is ideal in case a storm blows through unexpectedly. There is no such thing as too much protection, so even if the items are weatherproof according to the label, get a cover too, so you can be sure the furniture will give you a good number of years.
  • Umbrellas: It is also worth considering getting a patio umbrella. They provide shade and protection and add a certain aesthetic appeal to a patio set. Umbrellas can protect your furniture from the damaging effects of the sun and they also protect you from too much sun too. The best part about umbrellas is that you can get any shape, size or color to match your yard and furniture. Plus they are always right there ready for use and not stowed away where most covers end up.


A patio is a great investment and addition to your home. Adding the right furniture is the best way to create an ideal place for spending time with loved ones. No matter what weather comes your way, have patio furniture that is ready for it all and invest in any of the three methods above. Protecting and maintaining your patio furniture will save you money and keep your patio looking fresh for many years.

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