While it may be the easy option, placing one giant slab patio in the backyard is not always the best look. It is also not very practical. The best and more efficient patio designs take into consideration shade and sun exposure, outdoor views, proximity to the house and activities that will take place such as dining, cooking and entertaining.

Functionality first

The first thing you want to think about when designing your patio is what it will be used for. One oversized patio area can be intrusive and is not the best use of the space you have. Plus, you are not likely to be holding large meetings where everyone needs to be in one space. Consider instead, breaking up space into several smaller patio areas. Since people naturally break into groups, it is best to design the patio to accommodate this. Think about the last party you went to; small groups were scattered around and people would travel to mingle with other groups. Your patio will be more efficient if it has several interesting areas, rather than just one large area for people to convene.

Draw it out

  • Think of your backyard as a blank canvas and all you need to do is draw up where you think things should go. There are four typical designs that most people use to get started when it comes to their own patios.
  • You want to draw people into your yard; consider having a small dining area off to the side of the house and a water feature and concrete seating area towards the back of the property. This invites people to step away from the house so as to enjoy the yard entirely.
  • Larger properties can hose several areas that tie together with creative landscaping. Having a completely separate dining and living area in the yard that share similar color schemes and design are attractive and functional.
  • You could dedicate a large area of the yard to a kitchen area that also accommodates seating which is perfect for entertaining. Make sure you leave enough space for people to walk around when designing the layout as you need space for furniture as well as foot traffic.
  • A secluded outdoor living room/seating area is also inviting and can be adorned with unique patio features and even a fireplace. Use pathways to get to this area, making it seem more elusive. Be sure the area is large enough to hold comfortable furniture without the items being too large so as to take away from its intimacy.

Whatever design you choose, you can make the patio your own. These ideas can help you start designing today and in no time you will have the perfect patio. One large slab is easy but not functional or fun, so change things up and spread the love (and patio space) across the yard.

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