With the rising trend in outdoor living as noted by Realtor Magazine, a screen enclosure is the best way to keep your outdoor experience protected from bugs, mosquitoes, cold wind, and scorching sun. Not only will a screen enclosure add to your outdoor enjoyment, but also enhance the aesthetic features of your home and enable you to put your patio to maximum use. Installing a screen enclosure for your patio will provide your family a shelter as you enjoy your living outside.


However, before deciding which type of screen enclosure to install, it is worthwhile to inform you of the available types of screen enclosures that can be constructed.


Types of Screen Enclosure

    1. Screen Room: It has a firm roof and walls made of screens. Usually, it is set up on a patio or deck; or added as an extension to a home. It allows you to enjoy outdoor living comfort. The roof can be gabled or sloped according to your choice.
    2. Patio Cover: Although it is an enclosure, it is not totally sealed off; it only covers the top of the patio. It is to protect you from the rain or sun. However, with the addition of screen walls, you can convert it to a screen room. You could install support posts directly into the ground for enhanced support for your patio cover.
    3. Sunrooms: These are made of glass to enable outdoor viewing while shielding you. They provide a complete enclosure and can be installed on a patio or deck.
    4. Pool Enclosure: The main purpose of a pool enclosure is to shelter your outdoor swimming pool. Available in diverse styles, it keeps insects, animals, and kids out. Its materials are transparent to enable visibility.
    5. Pergola: It resembles the patio cover though, it is more elegant. It can only keep you from the sun but not the rain. It can be installed to cover the deck, patio as well as the garden. It is flexible to suit your design.



General Benefits of Screen Enclosures

  1. It allows you to enjoy your outdoor living.
  2. It shuts out all types of insects from you and your family while outside. Therefore, you and your family are protected from insects that harmful to your health.
  3. It makes your patio furniture last longer.
  4. It protects you from the ultraviolet rays from the sun that causes skin cancer.
  5. It gives you the privilege to entertain your guests or family outside without any disturbance by the weather or insects.
  6. It adds to the aesthetic features of your home.


From the foregoing, one can confidently recommend a screen enclosure as the way to go in order to enjoy outdoor living or your patio to the maximum.


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