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Pavers for the Patio, also known as paving stone, are used for patios because of their strength and endurance. Flagstone and fieldstone are left out because of their tendency to crumble or break in high traffic areas. Natural stone for patios is less permanent for this reason. That leaves brick and concrete stones as the necessary choice for paving a patio in hard material. With all the different types of pavers, the construction company has to consider the pros and cons of each type and present his different choice of materials to his client. The choice of material will have relevance on the final installed price as will the ease or difficulty of installation. Any

The choice of material will have relevance on the final installed price as will the ease or difficulty of installation. Any pavers used will require a flat level foundation. An existing deck or a wooden structure built on the patio’s foundation will suffice. Rubber pavers, being easy to shape when installing and reaching the edge of the deck by a box knife, simplify installation. They are held together by clips and hammered down. A half inch gap around the project is what they recommended around this project because of expansion and contraction in hot and cold weather.

Paving Kits ten-by-ten concrete pavers is perfect for installation crews because of the ease of installation. The outer design can be finished off by smaller similar pavers. A concrete saw is a tool used for final pattern design. Another patio kit contains thirteen inches by nineteen-inch pavers that look similar to natural stone but have a pattern of smaller stones embedded in the concrete. The kit includes enough pavers for seventy-two square feet which is an eight-foot by nine-foot patio.

If you have a larger patio, it will require more kits. Another patio kit has two different sizes of pavers. One is twenty-four by twenty-four inches and has twelve pieces while the other is twelve by twenty-four inches and has six pieces. More than likely you will need more than one of these kits because it will only cover fifty square feet or five feet by ten feet.

A masonry wet saw is used to cut difficult corners. Paving stone is available for installation one at at time, and these stones varied, for a pattern choice if you desire. The combinations and choices of stone are infinite. Bluestone and concrete stones come together in much different variation. Brick needs sealant to hold the original color. It is also a good idea to seal concrete pavers. Both concrete and brick are durable and strong material that will last. Both come in a wide variety of colors. The concrete has a larger variety of pattern and style than brick. Rubber is more resilient and easier to walk on especially in bare feet. All have aesthetically pleasing traits. The choice is finally the one of the end user and his budget. Pavers turn a deck into a patio that will accentuate a home and enhance the neighborhood.

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