The Perfect Fire Pit to Complete Your Yard


Sometimes it seems to be too challenging to come up with a luxury idea that is also affordable. The idea of a cozy fire pit in your backyard is tempting and the good news is that it is entirely possible. There are several fire pit ideas you can use to spruce up your yard and they are all functional as well as luxurious.

  • Tuscany Wood Burning Fire Pit: This practical yet stylish fire pit is perfect for those who want to enjoy evening bonfires and the occasional smores session. With a Tuscany influence on the design, the style will remain a classic for years and its rust-resistant copper material is a wise investment in terms of longevity.
  • Dining Table Fire Pit: A rectangular fire pit that also serves as a dining table. You can enjoy mouth-watering barbeque meals with friends around a cozy fire pit. The aluminum material is both rust and weather resistant and is carefully finished with a durable and protective finish.
  • Square Santorini Fire Pit: For those who prefer Santorini over Tuscan styles, this square fire pit has luxurious and practical amenities. You get a 20-inch round burner, iron frame, and 60,000 BTU rating. The design is understated but chic and will add style to any backyard.
  • Natural Stone Pits: A large stone fire pit adds a touch of rustic charm to your yard as well as just the right amount of luxury. If you have a pool, this fire pit makes a great addition as you get to enjoy the relaxing and creative display of flickering flames across the water.
  • Double Sided Fireplace: For those not looking to have a pit, you can build a fireplace. One with two sides is charming and elegant and allows you and your guests to enjoy the ambiance from both sides.
  • In-Pool Fire Pits: for those looking to really create a luxurious atmosphere in their yard, consider adding a fire pit within your pool. They make an exciting entrance to the pool and add unique lighting as you enjoy a late-night swim.
  • Linear Fire Pit Bar: The linear fire pit bar is built into a concrete spa which allows you and your guests to socialize and relax as well as enjoy the serene scenery.

A fire pit is a great way to add charm and luxury to your yard. Whether you have a pool or not, there are many designs that will only enhance the ambiance of your place. Fire pits are deal for socializing or just relaxing alone. Find the style that best suits your house and yard and get planning your design today.

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